Excellent People Wrote Kind Things About Love You to Death 3

When it comes to The Vampire Diaries, there are many excellent recaps and reviews, but Crissy’s stand out because she has such an elegant and effective way with words. Often when I read her posts, I’m like “Oh yeah, exactly! That’s totally what was going on … I just had no idea how to express it!” Seriously.

Read the full review here at Heroine TV!

I can assure you that her guides are not mere rehashes of what you’ve already read. The Vampire Diaries fandom is blessed with many great recappers/reviewers online, but no one approaches TVD as respectfully and thoroughly as Crissy does in Love You To Death, and it’s a real book you can hold in your hands!

Read it all here at HeatherVee.com

**Update! A review from Tiff!

What I love most about these books is that The Vampire Diaries mythology is incredibly dense. These books are a great help helping the viewer piece everything together, remember tidbits previously forgotten, and keep track of all the awesome music used on the show. Also, the handy timeline at the back of the books is a godsend. If you are a fan of this television series, you won’t regret picking up a copy today.

Read the full review here at I Was Angelized 1st

**Update 2! A review on Small Screen Scoop!

Extremely detailed and organized, full of insider trivia, perfect for the engrossed fan.

Read the full review here at Small Screen Scoop


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