way back in the early days of the calhoun tribune, this was a much more rambling place where i’d post the banalities of my life, and I kinda miss that! so, poor readers:

i totally just cleaned out my fridge. satisfying. i’m going away to montreal to visit a gaggle of cousins and when i come home there will only be edible things in my fridge. fresh start, refrigeration styles. pretty exciting times, let me tell you.

but in other apartment news it is muggy and hot as heck in here and i am melting. the only tolerable spot is in front of the weak-ass AC window unit (which i installed myself thank-you-very-much), and i think it’s another sleep on the couch night for me. summer is now officially making me cranky, i guess!

listening to: Florence + the Machine (in a music hangover from last night’s most excellent concert)

reading: And Then Things Fall Apart by Arlaina Tibensky; I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron; manuscripts-manuscripts-manuscripts

watching: Pretty Little Liars season 3. #love

looking forward to: my dear darling Claire coming over from London for a long visit and meeting her 4-month-old baby Elliot

alsooooo Love You to Death 3 officially went off to the printer at the end of the day today — farewell, book! see you when you’re all fully formed.




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