Pretty Little Liars: It Happened One Night (ep301)

It’s back, bitches! How fun was that premiere? The answer is very. It felt like a big old treat for fans, with a million references to past seasons and in-jokes — and it set up so much for the next season. Wait, sorry, seAson.

Some highlights & random thoughts…

  • Starting, obvs, with the girls’ hair. Aria’s hair chop … I am not feeling it, have to say. Hanna’s chop on the other hand feels edgier and fun and seems to fit with New Hanna. Did any of y’all notice the blonde patch at the back of Emily’s head in the scene with Toby? (At the new location! Watch out, Apple Rose Grille. There’s a new hangout in town.)
  • Mona: creeeeeepy. I really loved the Hanna/Mona scenes, and how desperate Hanna was to have her friend back and to understand what the hell went wrong. Did you notice the red flower on Mona’s table? Who gave her that, I wonder…? And Alison/Vivian in the red coat? Shivers.
  • So much romancey goodness, all with a nice dose of humor. The Spencer/Toby moment was my fave.
  • These girls lie a lot.
  • Love that the moms are still teaming up and taking care of their girls. And I must say, I think Ella and Byron are making the right decision splitting up!
  • Hanna’s bikini. What.
  • Emily broke my heart in this episode. RIP Maya.
  • Spencer’s fastidious recreation of A’s lair? Amazing. She is a born detective.
  • The final reveal of their car completely littered with photos of them at Alison’s grave? So scary. #bitchcrazy
  • So, who did dig up Ali’s grave? What did they do with the body, and why?

Can’t wait til next week’s sure-to-be awesomeness. And on a side note, thanks to everyone who entered the Rosewood Confidential twitter contest yesterday! The book is out early, and shipping already! Hurrah!

If you happen to read the book, and want to review it on Goodreads or Amazon or your site or tumblr or wherever your heart desires, that would be amazing and we’d love to hear your feedback on it!

Until next Tuesday!



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