Announcing Love You to Death Season 3

Some of you have been asking if I’ll be doing another companion guide to The Vampire Diaries — and the answer (as you probably guessed from that spoilery blog post title) is YES!

I’m working away on it now — watch, think, write, edit, repeat. Wanna see the cover?

We went in a different direction with this cover (for various reasons) and it’ll probably be tweaked a little before you see it in your local bookshop. But the concept (I love a concept) was Mystic Falls as the center of the TVD universe over the centuries. So from the bottom up, we have the runes of the Originals, the iconic clock tower, and above it the names of the dead — an echo of Stefan’s closet full of names from “The End of the Affair.”

love you to death season 3

Hope you like it!

If you are so inclined, you can preorder Love You to Death Season 3 at places like Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo,, or pick it up from your favorite local bookstore when it’s out in September October! (And it shall be available as an ebook too.)

And I want to say a big thank you to all of you who picked up the first two volumes, who posted reviews on Goodreads or Amazon, who tweeted or blogged or talked about ’em, who commented on my posts at — that support means the world to me, and is the reason I get to still write these books. Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Announcing Love You to Death Season 3

  1. So excited Crissy! My only problem is I’ll need and autographed copy to keep my autographed collection going! ;) thank u for all the time n effort u put in!!!

  2. This is exciting news. Congratulations! I loved the first two, and will definitely be buying a copy of this one, also.

  3. AWESOME! I rewatched the first season on Blu-ray and then read your recaps after each episode. I haven’t started the second one yet but I’m sure it’s as great as No. 1. Congrats on book 3!

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