Gossip Girl: The Princess Dowry

Good morning, Upper East Siders! Another fun, wacky Gossip Girl episode last night — I can honestly say I never imagined an Irish wake taking place in the VDW apartment.

I am really liking the real Charlie Rhodes — and Lola and Nate seem to actually suit each other! A Nate relationship I can get behind! Actually both Charlie Rhodes (Rhodeses?) are in my good books: Ivy/Charlie was treated so horribly by Carol and Lily and Serena, and fair freaking enough that she kicks Lily out of her home. Haha, hilarious. Quick question: how the heck did they get Cece’s coffin into the apartment?? Really large service elevator? What has been a little on the ridiculous side is how drastically Cece’s character has changed since we first met her when she was all blueblood judgy mcjudgerson in season 1. But fine, getting cancer changes your entire life view and personality — to the point that your funeral is attended solely by the help, your immediate family, and the fake granddaughter you love so dearly. I also found it hilarious how Serena kept trying to convince Charlie/Lola that she and her family are actually good people — haha. Nope!

Also glad that this royal wedding business is finally tied up! thank the heavens. Free Blair. Georgina’s turn as a slightly unhinged Gossip Girl has been entertaining, and thankfully wasn’t drawn out too long. Will Serena accept her new role as GG? Is she so sad and purposeless as to become the thing she hated most? I hope so! That could be an interesting turn. I’d like the real Gossip Girl to return in season 6 (played by Kristen Bell, naturally) and there could be a GG battle for dominance and destruction. Or something. I am not a GG writer, people. Just bring Kristen Bell on the show — at least for one cameo before this whole thing ends.

While Blair’s explanation to Chuck that she loves him, but isn’t in love with him was kind of lame — and she certainly seemed in love with him pre-accident — I am a believer in this whole Dan and Blair thing. And in the way that their relationship is sooooo completely different from what Blair had with Chuck. I doubt they’ll be the end game couple (but I’d be fine if they were), but in the meantime, there is a hilarious dynamic, true feeling, and snark galore with these two. So sweet when Dan was all taken aback that Blair actually called him by his name. (A note to MuchMusic: please don’t put the final moments of an episode in a commercial for that ep — kind of ruins the entire thing, you spoilers.)

Most unrealistic moment: Serena correcting her father about the name of the Congo. Where Eric is. Laughing forever….

  • What secret does Georgina have on the royal family?
  • Will William van der Woodsen tell Lola/Charlie that he’s her father?
  • Will Blair and Dan sleep together? (weird!)
  • Will Dan finally cut his hair? (This has gone on too long. And is too long. It almost ruined that final scene for me.)
  • Will Uncle Jack Bass be returning? Hurrah!

We’re on a mini break til April 2nd — in the meantime, read Tierney Bricker’s proper recap of the ep here!



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