Amazon removes thousands of ebooks….

…and ECW is one of the publishers with their titles yanked by Amazon (including my three books).
From my publisher/employer, ECW:
ECW is one of many publishers distributed by IPG, and our ebooks have all been pulled from the Kindle store. Amazon has a well-known track record of seeking aggressive terms with publishers, and when IPG’s contract with Kindle came due, IPG refused to yield to terms that would be untenable for publishers and authors. What does this mean for ECW? We hope things can get resolved with Amazon quickly. But our ebooks are still available from many other great ebook vendors including Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, Kobo, via our distributor and our own website
Read more about it:

What can you do if this gets your blood boiling like it does mine? Shop elsewhere and tell Amazon why! Amazon gives great discounts, but there is a hefty price to them — one that is increasingly unsustainable for content producers. I’m happy that our distributor IPG is holding its ground. And our eBook versions are still available everywhere else!


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