list of excellent things

i have become increasingly terrible at blogging, but there are things I want to tell y’all! so here’s a cheat: a list!

  1. I have been on a John Green reading bender — Paper TownsThe Fault in Our StarsLooking for Alaska. I think maybe reading them in order of publication would’ve been better — because his latest is the bestest and going backward seems unfair to earlier books which are wonderful in their own right! — but I’m gonna keep on marathoning. Next up: An Abundance of Katherines.

    These are books that I know I will re-read, hopefully often! The depth of feeling and philosophy and straight-up enjoyable, compelling characters — I don’t know, I just rarely think so much about what it means to be a human being, I guess? These books are like a gateway to thinking about life. That sound sort of overwrought, but I truly mean it.

  2. I’ve been running the Toronto chapter of Dance Dance Party Party for something ridiculous, like, 5 years now? But lately it’s been just even more awesome — and if you’re a Toronto lady, I encourage you to come out and dance with us. It’s just simply good times. And if you live elsewhere, there may be a chapter in your city already — or you can start one yourself. I am not a do-er/organizer type by nature but was able to do this, no problemo!
  3. Though I’ve been remiss in blogging about it, there has been some highly entertaining stuff going down on Gossip Girl — the Dan/Blair relationship continues to delight and entertain me, and now that that whole rip-off of The End of the Affair is history (that was the worst, imho), I feel like we’re back in business. The high-school party from the last episode was a stroke of genius — and seeing Chuck Bass’s signature scarf again? Oh man. My heart was warmed.
  4. I just bought this dress. So if you are having a fancy butterfly-themed party, please invite me as I have just the thing to wear (and nowhere else to wear it…)
  5. I probably bought that dress due to my recent Downton Abbey marathoning. I could wear this dress to a regular weekday dinner at Downton! (Remember when the Dowager Countess was like, What’s a weekend?) Watched the Christmas special last night, and just was aflutter with love. Those snowflakes in the final scene — magic!
  6. my brother came back from Korea after being gone for two years! (he also likes Downton Abby. actually mostly everyone in the English-speaking world does?)
  7. I should probs get back to work — book writing, laundry doing, et cetera and so on. happy family day / presidents’ day / monday to you.

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