Gossip Girl (ep512): Father and the Bride

it’s been SO long since I posted on Gossip Girl, but as it is soon Blair’s big day — and I really liked last night’s episode (some entire plot lines aside) — I thought it was time to jump back in!

First of all: all hail Princess B. I thoroughly enjoyed her drunken bachelorette party times, her telling-it-like-it-is to Beatrice (and she is right, they’re cut from the same cloth), and it was strangely refreshing to see a whole other side of New York — it felt authentic? I dunno, but I liked it!

The other highlight for me was the twist at the end: finding out that Dan wrote Louis’s vows for him, the vows that Blair sneakily read and now feels that Louis truly understands her. Love it. It is, of course, absolument ridiculous that Louis would send a note explaining exactly what his big secret is on his own freakin’ stationary. And what — did he rewrite Dan’s vows in his own handwriting? I guess? But the heartache this whole Dan loves Blair from afar induces is perfect, even if some of the plotting is not.

I did miss the first 5 minutes of the episode — I’m trying this thing where I turn off the power to all my electronics while I’m at work, or sleeping, but if you don’t get home in time for your shows then your PVR is…powerless — but the whole Nate versus Serena versus Tripp versus Gossip Girl thing fell flat for me. Tripp cut the brakes to a limousine after “Charlie Rhodes” ex failed to do it? Whaaa? (And a complaint from last episode: the gang manages to take Gossip Girl down, and we don’t even find out how? It’s just done?)

Also: I find the Dan Meets with His Publisher scenes ca-razy. Maybe this is how it works at Simon & Schuster NY, maybe Vanessa somehow legally obligated Dan to a multiple-book deal when she stole his manuscript (?), but if Dan didn’t like what his editors were saying, couldn’t he just ditch ’em and find another house? Surely a NYT bestselling author could find another publisher, even in today’s wacky book business times.

Oops. I got sidetracked into the things that seem nonsensical to me, when I meant to focus on how much FUN this episode was. Beefcake French priests aside, Blair’s bachelorette was an actual party — and I look forward to the over-the-top beauteousness that her wedding will be and all the crazy shenanigans that will go down as she walks down the aisle with her two dads. Also: Georgina Sparks!


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