12 resolutions for 2012

  1. be more like Tami Taylor in every possible way (really, I could stop here but…)
  2. read 55 books — including authors I’ve never read before, more non-fiction, more books written/published by colleagues (i.e., contemporary Canadian books), and all the usual YA brilliance
  3. hang out with my friends’ kids more frequently (’cause these kids are ridiculously charming)
  4. have dance parties once a month with DDPP
  5. follow the 23 1/2 hour plan
  6. write more — on this blog, to my bestie in a far away land, in my nearly-abandoned journal (sorry, bookie), and on my various writing projects (that one means procrastinate less)
  7. spend less than $1,000,000 a week at Starbucks
  8. be more patient and understanding — but not a pushover (see season 1 Elena Gilbert, Queen of Empathy and Badassery, for role model)
  9. eat real food — and by that I mean the old Michael Pollan ‘if your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food it ain’t food’ — and prepare it myself
  10. take a real holiday — no writing, working, promoting, anything-ing (my ideal vacation, because i don’t know how to surf or do yoga)
  11. procrastinate in useful ways (e.g., clean the kitchen rather than fall into the tumblr abyss)
  12. instead of complaining about problems, try to solve them — personally, professionally, politically, across the board.

i love new year’s resolutions.


2 thoughts on “12 resolutions for 2012

  1. Most excellent resolutions! Especially #1, obvs. #9 is one of my top goals too. In fact, I may just borrow all these for my own.

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