Gossip Girl: The Fasting and the Furious (ep505)

When will we find out what’s actually in that envelope? Is Louis the father? Je ne sais pas! But what we do know is that Blair’s hair is beauteous encore.

I kind of loved how in this episode Serena is jealous that Blair is the star of Dan’s novel, after thinking that she was the center of his universe — and you guys, that’s just like Gossip Girl itself! Serena was the star, the it girl, but Blair has always been the more compelling and complicated character, one who has actually evolved over the past five seasons.

And Serena was pretty shady in this episode, trying to trick Dan into turning over the film rights to Inside so she could keep her job. Personally I wish she didn’t get them in the end; while she may have been Dan’s inspiration initially but once again Serena doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of her actions. Oh, Serena.

The NY Spectator plotline didn’t make a whole world of sense, once again; must say I am looking forward to Elizabeth Hurley’s time on the UES wrapping up.

I’d say my favorite part of the episode was Blair and Eleanor sharing a mother-daughter moment (and Lily’s hilarious degree of surprise that Eleanor had solid parenting advice) — the Waldorf women always get me with their emotional moments, and as much as I feel like Eleanor does about this whole pregnancy (it’s not what I wanted for B, at least not yet), I thought their interaction had an ’emotional truth’ that has been lacking this season.

We have to wait an extra week before “I Am Number Nine” — but when our show returns it looks like Blair is up to her old-fashioned Queen B tricks!


3 thoughts on “Gossip Girl: The Fasting and the Furious (ep505)

  1. Have you seen the Canadian promo for the November 7 episode! It has a WHOLE other tone from that promo and a Chuck Bass to Blair confession of love. It is intense.

  2. Things I have to say so far:

    I am loving that they are letting Leighton’s hair be wavy. I love when Blair’s hair is wavy. So pretty. I do have to say though that every episode before this one was put on my hair and makeup black list due to Blair’s overly hairsprayed hair. Glad that they are letting her hair look soft. Moving on. I love that Blair is a strong female character. I do not love that the writers are making her extremely passive when it comes to men. She basically bends over backward for men constantly. Also, no offense to the writers but the baby plot seems like a desperate attempt to pull in more viewers. Je suis désolé que cette intrigue se développe. Je ne voulais pas cela pour elle encore! I am also sad that there have been very few Serena/Blair friend moments so far. But the writers have not yet caved and made the plot inconsistent by bringing Blair back to randomly hooking up with Chuck out of the blue so…I’m liking it so far. BTW, I used to hate their relationship since his behavior toward the end of Season 3 when he started treating her like a door mat but this episode redeemed his character for me. Finally…the writers have made his character mature. A REAL heartfelt apology that isn’t calculating or manipulative. Yay!

    I started hating Serena toward the end of Season 3 because she was acting like a…bitch. And I used to love S! *Sigh* I literally didn’t feel bad for her when she was drugged and kidnapped by Juliet because it seemed like the first time in well…the first time ever that she was being held accountable for something. Even if she didn’t actually do anything. I wish Dan hadn’t let her seduce him into giving her the film rights. He has been screwed over by her for like…the millionth time? Oh, Dan. NOTE: The latest episode redeemed their relationship for me but I am praying that they remain just friends because I am a DAIR shipper.

    I was justifiably confused when her plotline made a 180 turn at the end of Season 4. Huh? Now I’m loving Charlie and I hope she doesn’t get found out yet because her pseudo-rivalry with Elizabeth Hurley’s character is tres interesting and entertaining. And I am willing to bet $100 that she and Nate will hook up. And that around the season finale she will be found out by the Van Der Woodsen’s and it will be a turning point for her character.

    My favorite character besides Blair! I agree with you and think it was very clever that the cover of Inside looks almost exactly like the Gossip Girl book covers. I am so happy for Dan! Though I’m devastated that the writers have seemingly abandoned the Dair plotline, I think that no matter what Dan does…it will be fun to watch.

    Oh, Nate. His hair this season is a bit of a miss (too short) but he’s still cute. He’s not the brightest bulb though, and it seems like he’s had the second largest amount of random hook ups. I mean…really. Hooking up with his boss who is extremely fierce and clever will end up spelling trouble for everyone.

    HIS CHARACTER HAS BEEN REDEEMED! Finally. About time that he admitted that his relationship with Blair was pseudo-abusive. I love him for apologizing to her and not trying to manipulate her or try to make it seem like it was her fault to. <Notes from the latest episode which you should watch soon because it is awesome.

    Elizabeth Hurley's Character-
    She's been really boring and cliched so far, but the latest episode made me realize why the writers thought that including her character would be a good idea. She's really fun to watch and her plot developed in a great way! Yay for EH!


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