Gossip Girl: Beauty and the Feast (ep 502)

I was thinking of renaming my blog “Delayed Reactions” since it takes me way too long to post on my favorite shows! But at least I’m posting before tonight‘s new episode of Gossip Girl. My apologies for tardiness; it does not reflect how much I am enjoying season 5 of GG!

Let’s start with the Rhodes cousins. Even though she is a lying liar, I am really liking Ivy/Charlie. She’s compelling in her twisted way. Seems like she’s an otherwise honest girl with a boyfriend and a backstory who got mixed up with Aunt Carol and the uber wealthy. Was Serena insanely meddlesome in this episode or was it just me? Take a hint, S. It was like she couldn’t imagine someone not wanting their entire life organized for them over the course of a day. That said, it was classic Van der Woodsen, and I’m glad that things are developing as they are: the girls headed back to NYC, Ivy deciding to play along as “Call Me Serena Cousin Charlie” instead of ditching S, and trouble lurking in a few episodes, no doubt. Will we meet the real Charlie this season? Will she be half as cute as fake Charlie?

Nate — will he ever again have a storyline I truly care about? His obsession with Elizabeth Hurley is a little like every other storyline he’s ever had. And while it allowed Chuck this hilarious line — “It’s understandable given your mother issues.” — it just never feels authentic. Why would this woman stand out from the countless others? Is he really going to intern for her? I know he’s directionless but really Nate just does whatever people tell him to do. It’s a little tiresome.

On the flip side, even a slightly ridiculous plotline like Chuck feeling nothing and getting beat up in alleyways works for me when it brings characters together in unexpected ways. Enter Dan Humphrey in need of a top-tier schemer. A Charlie Trout reference? Amazing. I hope these two continue their uncomfortable partnership. Both boys are sadly Blair-free, and their banter has always been among my favorite.

Speaking of Blair… her pregnancy secret is more entertaining than I thought it could be. While it’s not too surprising that Louis’s sister turned out to be an adversary — who likes to make out with priests in the back of a limo…classy — I like the further complication in Blair and Louis’s relationship. At the very least, she’s got more personality than Louis. Is Blair suited to the “pressures of royal service”? Will her pregnancy get in the way of that anyway?

My favorite moments were, of course, the Blair and Dan scenes. Even if a romance isn’t in the cards for these two, they make such excellent friends that I hope they always always turn to each other in moments of omg I’m pregnant but who is the baby daddy? (or similar). Also, let’s just remember that Dan has experience raising babies who are not biologically his . . .

But most importantly: what do you think of Blair’s hair? Not quite working?

Tonight, “The Jewel of Denial” — Serena and Charlie return to NYC, and Blair maybe finds out who the father of her baby is??


One thought on “Gossip Girl: Beauty and the Feast (ep 502)

  1. Is the problem with Blair’s hair that they’re trying to hide Leighton’s bangs or have those grown out already? Either way, this hair has not been as fabulous as usual. I hope they get it together soon.

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