The Secret Circle: Bound (ep102)

Doo doo do dooo — it didn’t take long for me to get that flipping little TSC song stuck in my head, but that’s all right because I think it’s excellently creepy, just right for the show, and I’m digging the series so far.

We had the amazing pilot episode for the set up, and now we’re getting into it — Diana wants to bind the circle, Faye doesn’t, and Cassie is like WTF I am a witch. Fair enough! What I love is that while Cassie is expected to be manipulated — either by Faye’s seductive bad girl ways, or by Diana’s logic that they need to control their power, or by Adam’s eyelashes and . . . pulsing energy — Cassie instead does what she wants to do. She won’t blindly agree to something she doesn’t yet understand. It takes a girl dying (nearly dying?? more on that below) to lead Cassie to a final decision: being tied to Adam and the rest of the circle is the moral thing to do, despite its uncomfortable, and yet unknown, consequences.

But first off, let’s talk about Cassie’s bedroom — did you see that walk-in closet? And that little vanity table set-up? It’s huge. I am officially jealous. As a Vampire Diaries fan, I choose to believe that her attempt to light the candle was a shout-out to Bonnie Bennett — and the curtains flipping open the show letting us know that witchcraft in the TSC universe ain’t the same as on TVD. Further to that, her family’s Book of Shadows (in keeping with the original book series) seems focused more on earthy witchcraft — plants, crystals, elements, energy. (How awesome would it be if the CW released the Book of Shadows as a companion book series to the show? As each family’s is unearthed…) I’m still loving the look of the show — Cassie’s bedroom and house, the details in the Book of Shadows, the grey wash over Vancouver Washington, the kids’ witchy abandoned house. Love what filming on location adds to the mood and depth of a show. Keep it up, TSC crew!

We learn more about the unintended effects of uncontrolled power in “Bound” — across generations. We get the teens literally playing with fire in science class, and their anger and lust causing explosions and bodily harm. While the parents are still hiding their big bad mistake from years ago. Grandpa Chamberlain (played by the awesome Tom Butler) comes back to Chance Harbor after hearing from Ethan that (dastardly) Charles Meade is using magic again. The parents don’t have any powers!! I did not see that coming — if it’s in the books, I plum forgot — and I think it’s cool the way the children are actually more powerful (but way more uncontrolled) than their surviving parents. Somehow Grandpa Chamberlain revoked the parents’ powers after they reduced their population by 50% back in the olden days. Is there anyone else remaining from his generation’s circle? Like Cassie’s grandma?

Besides loving the Cassie and Adam moments this episode — Diana, girl, please note that Adam didn’t tell you you have nothing to worry about re: Cassie, he just said he loves you, which is not the same thing — my favourite parts were with Melissa.

In the first episode, she had basically no personality but in “Bound” we get to see her deal. She’s second fiddle to Faye and doesn’t like it. Though she hooks up with Nick at the beginning of the episode, he treats her awfully and later that same day looks to hook up with Faye — who casually says to Melissa that she wouldn’t stoop that low. Ouch. Despite being outwardly allied with Faye, Melissa agrees with Diana about binding the circle long before Faye realizes they must.

And on a similar note, we get a deeper look at Diana — as much as she comes across as the confident good-girl leader, she doesn’t feel like she knows what she’s doing. She’s winging it just like the rest of them. As much as I want Cassie and Adam to give into their fated in the stars connection, I was happy that we saw Adam and Diana together, smooching in the car. He loves her, they have their own chemistry and history, there’s a compelling reason for him to stay with her despite how drawn he and Cassie are to each other. Legit love triangle!!


  • Did Grandpa Chamberlain actually die of a heart attack or just get a preview of what would happen if he didn’t get the eff out of town? I’m voting for option B since there was no body for Principal Chamberlain to deal with.
  • Similarly I was confused about Not Now Sally — when Cassie goes down to her on the rocks, she says Sally has no pulse. (Also: good on you, Cassie, for going to her aid right away.) I assumed Sally was dead. But later, Principal Chamberlain makes a comment about the crystal’s power being used to save the girl, presumably Sally. So Sally’s alive? **UPDATE: So I totally did not see the part where Sally got the crystal wake-up from Principal C. How did I miss that?! Anyway, caught up on that detail thx to Price’s photo recap.
  • Was anyone else reminded of the “Stronger” video when that chair flew across the deck and Faye put her foot down on it? I choose to believe this was a Black Magic Britney reference.
  • Cassie hasn’t yet revealed to the circle that she too has found her family’s Book of Shadows. For now, they believe there’s just the one. Will she tell them now that the circle is bound?
  • When are Cassie and Adam going to make out? #okthxbye
Next Thursday: “Loner.” In the meantime, I shall head on over to for Price Peterson’s sure-to-be-hilarious photo recap of “Bound.” See you later, witches!

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