So many shows!

New shows! Favorites returning! Of course, I’ll be tuning in again to The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl but I’m also checking out . . .

The Secret Circle

Doo-doo-do-doo. That is my impression of the theme song. Which I love. Can’t wait for the second episode of The Secret Circle tomorrow night; I really enjoyed the first episode — for the reasons Kate, Vee, and I talked about here. Gale Harold is soooo creepy and threatening and I love that the stakes got so high so quickly. Curious to see how closely the show follows the book series — especially when it comes to the mysterious past and the parents’ circle . . . why are so many of them dead?


Oh, Ringer. Such high hopes, so soon dashed. I watched the pilot. I watched the pilot again. I watched the second episode. It ain’t good, in my opinion. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I think I can only watch one more poorly written, ill-plotted, badly executed over-the-top wannabe noir show for one more episode. Sorry, SMG.

America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars

I’ve skipped the past few cycles but I’m back in for the All Star Models, mainly because of the ridiculous things they’re making the girls do this time. Like eating hot dogs that are the girls’ unique creations that express their “brand.” Or writing and recording original pop hits. It’s gonna be amazing. Especially now that Nigel’s shaved his head and normality has been restored.


The Bravermans are the best. Two episodes into season 3 — Adam and Crosby, Sarah and the super hot English teacher, even Julia’s adoption plotline is fascinating. And I love Alex — Michael B. Jordan needs to be on every show for all time. My only complaint is that sometimes the dynamic between Adam and Christina is a little too patriarchal for my taste. Their conversation about how Adam needs to financially support the family and Christina just wants to ‘help’? What was that? Minor quibble — I love this show and every last member of that family. And the super hot English teacher.

New Girl

Now this is a show I shall watch while folding the laundry or making supper or something or other — super cute and super sit-com-y. Zooey is certifiably a charmer. Will it get tired after a while? Maybe, my friends, maybe.

I haven’t watched the premiere of Revenge yet, but have heard good things — will definitely check that one out — as well as Hart of Dixie when it premieres next week. And Community and Parks and Rec. I’m also in The Lying Game, but have fallen a few episodes behind. So many shows!! Am I missing any good ones?


4 thoughts on “So many shows!

  1. Yay, I’m not the only one falling for The Secret Circle! I really enjoyed the pilot.

    As for Ringer, I still need to watch the second episode, but I wasn’t in love with the first one either.

    I know you gave up on Glee a while back, but the premiere was actually really back-to-basics good, if you’re so inclined to check it out. :)

  2. You should really watch Modern Family and Happy Endings. You will love them. Revenge was really good and Hart of Dixie is really cute. The pilot episode is available on iTunes as a free download.

    • Haven’t watched Happy Endings, but I do watch Modern Family — just not religiously. Sadly in Canada, we don’t get the free pilot ep downloads from iTunes! Looking forward to both Revenge & Hart of Dixie tho!

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