Gossip Girl Giveaway!

On Location Tours wants to celebrate Blake Lively’s birthday by treating some lucky Gossip Girl fans to a free tour of the filming locations in New York City!

I have one ticket certificate for two people to the Gossip Girl Sites Tour to give away and I’m also throwing in signed copies of Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl by yours truly!

I went on the locations tour back in 2010 and let me tell you: it was maximum Gossip Girl Good Times! (GGGTs). Read more about the tour here.

how to win Comment on this post with your favorite Serena moment — a fave line, outfit, fight with Blair, toss of her glorious blonde hair, et cetera et certera — and I’ll randomly select two lucky winners — one for the gift certificate for 2 and one for Spotted. Enter by August 25th — that’s Blake Lively’s birthday — and I’ll post the winners’ names here on my blog & contact you via email. The contest is open to anyone in the whole wide world, but of course your travel to New York City to actually go on the tour will be on your dime. (I sadly do not have a private jet at my disposal that I can lend out to my pals.)


6 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Giveaway!

  1. i LOVELOVELOVE serena. my favorite part is at the photoshoot with her and blair in the fourth episode of season one “bad news, blair.” where she teaches blair to loosen up. just the was she poses and flips her hair is so breathlessly easy and glamorous at the same time…shes perfect.

  2. My fave Serena moment is her first date with Dan, where she’s wearing a glittery gold dress and goes to pay the bill at the fancy restaurant so that Dan doesn’t feel awkward! I love it when they find out that they would both rather be at the Lincoln Hawk concert.

  3. My favorite Serena moment was at the cotillion in season 1’s episode titled ‘Hi Society’ when Lily gets Dan to come to the ball and surprise Serena despite Cece’s disgust!

  4. My top Serena moment is from “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!” in Season One. Blair just purged for the first time in over a year(if you ignore the deleted scene from the Pilot) and Serena comes to comfort/rescue her. It’s such a great moment that proves what a good person Serena is. Earlier that morning, Blair went on the defensive about Chuck and basically called Serena a slut. Yet here Serena is, holding Blair and wiping tears off her face. As someone who’s dealt with bulimia personally, I can’t tell you how much that kind of support and understanding means.

    P.S. Any hope for a “Spotted” for seasons three and four?

  5. My favourite Serena moment is in the pilot at the very beginning when you see her on the train and then in Grand Central Station and it shows how highly she is considered on the UES because of Gossip Girl`s narration. It`s really good to also set the scene for the rest of the episode and gives you an idea of the relationships and status for some of the characters, such as Serena, Dan and Jenny.

  6. thanks for entering! Allie and Veronica, you are the two lucky winners; I’ve just emailed you.

    @Sam: It doesn’t look like I will be doing a season 3/4 Spotted, unfortunately. But who knows — maybe at some point down the road I’ll have the opportunity to do an episode guide for the rest of the series.

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