CC’s 1st trip to SDCC

last year during Comic-Con, I was following along on Twitter and said, Next year I am going!! And I managed to actually get a ticket and go. I’d read a few ‘comic-con survival guide’ posts that were really helpful: wear sunscreen and comfortable shoes, friends make everything better (especially in long line-ups), bring something to read/do if you don’t have a friend to chat with all line-up, brings snacks (there was no such meal as “lunch” at SDCC for us), and if you’re planning on going to a popular panel, prepare to watch panels before that one where you are near to clueless about the show.

The charming, lovely, fireball of energy Lucia of Heroine TV has done a brilliant job of running down the panels on Thursday — and she’s giving away swag, if you enter before Tuesday the 9th. Along with Vee of fame, I got to hang out with Lucia and her sister ‘the seat ninja’ Francesca.

As with the Con-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named back in ATL in March, the best part of this con was meeting Twitter buds and realizing that they are just even more awesome in person. It’s corny, but it’s true: I saw TWO vampire slayers in a three-day period but hanging out and making absurd jokes on the curb with pals — most of whom I’d never met IRL before — was way way way more memorable. (But still Buffy and Faith…)

The other highlight was, of course, Vampire Diaries day. The panel was hi-larious. Paul’s description of Katherine’s sexy walk as ‘swimming through jello’ is classic; seeing Julie Plec live and in person was my Comic-Con dream come true; and when someone asked, “Why does Klaus want Stefan so badly?” I lost it in laughter. (Yes, I am super mature. But the way they stare at each other….) My only minor complaint was not enough Candice or Joseph Morgan — and I would’ve hoped for a greater variety of questions from the moderator/fans. They can only answer the Damon-Elena question in so many ways.

While @ SDCC I posted some video & pics here and here, and I’ve just added an whole slew of pics to Facebook!

Besides the big TV/movie superstar panels, there are a gabillion other panels going on at Comic-Con — it’s really an impressive amount of programming — and I went to a few bookish panels as well. (One of which I reference in this guest post for Canadian Bookshelf.) If I go back, I think I’d spend more time reading through the schedule and researching what to hit up. There’s just SO much to see and do, though, that you really can’t go wrong.

OH! I nearly forgot my celebrity-sighting story. So I was in the exhibition hall and I had just had a lovely conversation with Chester Brown (!) as he signed a copy of Louis Riel and drew a Louis as I watched. Then I turned to head back into the sea of people — and a security guard was all, Excuse me, Miss. So I looked up — looked all the way up — and saw Mr. Jared Padalecki standing there having a walk around with a security guard. (Of course, my brain said, It’s Dean!** And he’s so tanned and tall!) Since I was headed in the same direction anyway, I started walking a respectable distance behind them, unwittingly stepping beside Mark Sheppard. (I did not know his name or that he was on Supernatural. My brain just said, You know that actor, and his characters are kinda scary.)

Since he was behind Padalecki, he could see attendees reacting to the Tall One. This one fan said aloud, “That’s that guy. He’s on that show!” And Mark Sheppard leans over, and in his slightly menacing British accent, says, “Supernatural.” And the guy is like, “You’re on it tooo!!” And Sheppard is all nods and smirks. It was pretty hilarious.

Then Mr. Sheppard tells his friend (some guy who looked vaguely business-y, like a producer or somesuch) this story from earlier in the day. When Mark Sheppard was on Dr. Who, there’s a moment where his character leans over and adjusts the Doctor’s bow tie in a menacing and unsettling way. Mr. Sheppard said in that moment, filming it, he didn’t know why he was doing it, it was just an instinct and it worked. And it became a memorable moment. So at SDCC, Sheppard sees this guy dressed up in a Dr Who costume — a perfect Dr Who costume that the fan clearly went to some trouble to ensure each fabric and pattern was correct, not some off-the-rack-type costume — and Mr. Sheppard was suitably impressed. So he walks over, leans in, and adjusts the Doctor’s bow tie. And the fan was just in total shock. Love it.

And when my brain started working again (much much later that day), I realized that Mark Sheppard played Romo Lampkin on Battlestar Galactica. Who I adored. One of his speeches — about the importance of a fair trial and why being a defense attorney is a honorable gig — was a big moment for my roommate who was then in law school about to become a criminal defense attorney. Anyway — I totally saved my fan-girling for later. In my ignorance, I was cool as a cucumber.

But there will be more con adventures soon — end of August = Fan Expo Canada! I shall be there with copies of Love You to Death — Season 2. I’ll post details when I gots ’em.


** I do not (yet) watch Supernatural, so Jared = Dean for me from his days in Stars Hollow.


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