Gossip Girl Rally!

Gossip Girl RallyAngela from Talking Gossip After Dark has started a great summer Gossip Girl project — it’s the Gossip Girl Rally! Go back to the beginning and remember all the awesome that’s happened on the Upper East Side (and in Brooklyn).

I’ll be posting excerpts from Spotted: Your One and Only Guide to Gossip Girl as a “Gossip Girl Film Class” — the first post on “The Wild Brunch” (ep 1.02) is up!


3 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Rally!

  1. I love the idea for this blog. I have been wishing that someone would create an actual Gossip Girl website just like the show. Complete with blasts, spotted maps, and notification texts…

    Liz your work is awesome. Let me know when you do a Chuck Bass :)

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