Love You to Death Season 2 cover!

I am very pleased that today is the day I can post the cover for Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries — Season 2. The photo, as some of you will recognize immediately, comes from Chris Nicholls’ amazing shoot for Flare‘s February issue of the one and only Nina Dobrev. What I love about this photo — besides the fact that she redefines fierceness — is that it puts Elena + Katherine/Katerina + the Original Petrova we haven’t yet met + any other doppelganger we may or may not ever meet front and center. Season 2 has had its fair share of doppelganger hijinks, and Ms. Nina Dobrev has blown me away this season with all the kinds of awesome she gives us, from Bulgarian birthing scenes to bourbon-fueled dance parties to speeches about not wanting to become a vampire and everything in between. So as much as I love the Salvatore brothers and the actors who bring them to (after)life, for season 2 it just feels perfect to me to have only Nina on the cover.

I’m not usually prone to civic pride, but I think it’s also kind of cool that it’s a photo of a Toronto-raised actress by a Toronto-based photographer originally shot for a T.O. mag  being used on the cover of a book published by an independent T.O. company and written by yours truly, someone who’s only ever lived in the greater Toronto area.

So without further ado…In my head, the nickname for my 1st TVD book cover is “Hello, brother.” And this one’s “Petrova Fire.” (yes, I know it’s dorky to have nicknames for book covers.)

I hope you love it as much as I do! Or, like, 20% as much as I like it. Cuz I like it a lot a lot.



8 thoughts on “Love You to Death Season 2 cover!

  1. Lovely picture :) I still haven’t finished the first one for some reason but that one plus this will keep me going over the summer (if it’s even released by then?) I will look forward to reading

  2. ohmygosh! it’s gorgeous :)
    i have your first book and i think all the insight and everything was AMAZING! really really great <3

  3. I think the cover is amazing and it’s making me even more excited over this book! Finnished reading the first book just a week ago and I loved it! Having pretty high expectiations right now :)

  4. Love, Love, Love the cover!
    Hope there are more colored pictures and new update about the cast in the book, cant wait !!!

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