working, or not, on my book

hello world. i am at home this week on HOLIDAY! from my regular job. the big plan for the week is to write like the blazes and get as much of Love You to Death Season 2 in as good shape as humanly possible.

which means that for the past hour or so i have done some dusting, some scrubbing of the kitchen sink, some aimless wandering around my apartment, some singing to myself, et cetera. blerg!

i’m sure i’ll snap back into work mode momentarily but in the meantime i just had to share a fun fact with you: you can see the Mystic Falls clock tower from Elena Gilbert’s front yard. I did not realize that. But behold!

There it is! Right between Stefan and Alaric’s car. Sweet. I’ve missed the clock tower this season, so I’m glad it’s at least photo-bombing scenes.

Fine. Back to work.


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