in the world of the vampire diaries

(instead of watching the Big Game last night when i finished up my worky work, i put on In the Land of Women, which sounds like the total opposite of superbowling, don’t it? Little Kristen Stewart! Older Seth Cohen! Not that great of a movie! and all that explains the title of this post.)

my post on Daddy Issues is up at! and i realize that i never linked to the previous one, The Descent; it’s there too.

Love You to Death is coming out in Poland (from Amber Publishing) this week, and I did a short interview with Polish website you can read it in Polish here, English here.


One thought on “in the world of the vampire diaries

  1. Hi;)
    I have just finished “Love you to death”!! It’s a fantastic unofficial companion to TVD. I love everything what is in this book. Photos, interviews and informations about actors. You did a great job;))
    I come from Poland and I’m watting for next book about TVD in my country;))

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