I am pretty good at having a cold

Two disclaimers to begin: one, I am blogging from my iPhone and typing on this marvel of modern technology is not my number one life skill; two, I have a cold so my powers of making sense, spelling accurately, etc, are weak. Read on with red pencils in hand.

I blog from my phone during work hours because I gave up and came home to loll about in my bed with a mug of broth. I am not so sick as to be totally brain dead and unable to read, so besides the general discomfort, the coughing, and the nagging stress of not doing what I planned to be doing today I am kind of good at being sick. I like staying in my bed. Napping. Tea drinking. Soup. Reading (currently The Sweetness at he Bottom of the Pie, which is just so charming). Tv marathons. So wish me a swift recovery but don’t waste even the briefest glimmer of pity on me should I ever have a cold cough etc.


Tonight Pretty Little Liars returns to our tv sets and I am Nasser. Oh iPhone, I said jazzed not Nasser. What does that mean? PLL is not without its flaws by any stretch of anyone’s imagination but it is entertaining and it looks good and I have great affection for three of the four liars. Also the Aria/Fitz romance is my fave student/teacher tv romance … Of all time? Maybe.

Also, bust out your Buffy DVDs! Tomorrow marks the beginning of Nikki stafford’s Buffy rewatch. She’s invited an impressive group of writers, and me, to blog each week on a group of episodes. My posts are months away but the festivities kick off tomorrow with Nikki’s thoughts on the first three eps. Nikkistafford.blogspot.com ( I wonder if that will hyperlink itself) (that sounds smutty)

That’s all the news hats fit to print for now! I am working on the cover design for Love You to Death season 2 (and by that I mean the designer is working on it and I am screeching make my name bigger!! Hahaha jk); hopefully will debut it to you TVD enthusiasts in a few weeks.

Oh also: eyecon! That deserves its own post. Good times she will write, to paraphrase phil from modern family and totally kill his joke.

Nap time



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