Gossip Girl: “The Townie” (ep 411)

I love your shoes, Little S

Mid-season finale! I loved this episode a LOT a lot. The only thing it didn’t give me was a tearful moment, but otherwise it ran the gamut of Gossip Girl awesomeness. I’m really excited for the show’s return on January 24 — high fives, season 4! You are killing it.

While I think Juliet deserved more punishment than NONE at all, what I really liked about this episode was that all season long we’ve been puzzling over Juliet and why she’s so conniving and evil and in the end, it turns out that the real bad guy was right under our noses the whole time — Lily van der Woodsen.

I do believe Lily when she said that she earnestly thought Serena and Ben had had a relationship — but still forging your daughter’s signature on a legal document and sending a man to prison for what amounts to a schoolyard rumor is insane. And all so Serena could get into a good school. No wonder Lily was so freaked out about S. going to college. If I had committed such a crime to get my kid into school, damn straight she’d be going to college.

Lily and Serena have always one seriously effed up relationship — and while this latest secret Lily’s been keeping is a major one, I’m left more worried about the Lily-Chuck fallout. Their scenes together and their bond have been an ongoing fave relationship of mine — they get each other, they have a Bart Bass Bond, they are family. Why, Lily, why, did you have to secretly set Bass Industries up for sale and lie right to Chuck’s face about it? The preview for the next episode shows that Serena and Chuck won’t let Lily off the hook as easily as they did Juliet — and I’m excited to see them take on a target of Lily’s magnitude. She’s the best liar and schemer on the show!

Without a doubt, my favorite scenes in the episode belong to Blair and Dan. Together they KILL me. Blair brings out the funniest parts of Dan, and Dan brings out the biting, brutal, hilarious best in Blair. It’s like the writers just come alive when these two are forced together. Assuming it is done carefully and with great skill, a developing friendship between these two is something I’d be happy to see in the latter half of season 2. Not sure I can quite compute the idea of Blair and Dan kissing — Ew — but an uncomfortable realization that they get along in a twisted way? I’m down with that.

Also looking forward to more Damien Dalgaard (or however you spell his name). He was great in the flashback scenes — that Zac Efron imitation hair! — and he’s creepy and clever and awesomely bad in his drug-dealing present. I like he’s still harboring feelings for Ms. vdW so maybe he’ll be back to break up whatever’s brewing between her and her new prison BFF.

This episode was not, of course, perfect — Blair didn’t remember that S’s boarding school was in Cornwall, CT? Serena made a big bratty speech and ruined a party again? Juliet’s terrible teenage-makeover for the flashback? The fact that Ben’s teenage sister was even brought into that meeting?? — but “The Townie” made me happy and kept me super entertained and for that I say, Hurrah!

What were your favorite moments, lines, et cetera? Mine came right near the end, from Mr. Charles Bartholomew Bass: “Goodbye, friends. Dan.”


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