Gossip Girl: “The Witches of Bushwick” (ep 409)

Let us celebrate another excellent episode of Gossip Girl with a lobster pot pie! While there were some questionable plot points and uncharacteristic behavior by some of our Upper East Siders, “The Witches of Bushwick” contains, for me, all the things I want in an episode of this show: clever snappy dialogue, a party that everyone goes to where someone causes a scene, relationships in turmoil, enemies and frenemies, fabulous costumes, beautiful NYC settings, music I want to download (or already own — when that happens I feel as though I have good taste), and the promise of future intrigue and secrets-to-be-finally-revealed.

On to why I loved it:

  • Any reference to The Witches of Eastwick is A-OK by me. I have seen the movie 1,000 times and I never tire of it. The balloons! The cherries! The important lesson of never telling someone what you fear the most….
  • Venn diagrams. Pencil crayons. Eric and Elliot = Es-Harmony.
  • Blair: “I see your brain trying to translate the implications from Polish…”
  • Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey, Bad Ass. Serena and I were wearing the same expression of utter awe at Lily taking aim at the Dean.
  • Mrs. Nate Humphrey. Thank you for this. And for how cute Nate was when he won the little basketball game. Dan and Nate do besties second best.
  • Jenny’s black and sparkle striped sweater. Love it.
  • Blair: “What are you — a foot fetishist? They’re done!”
  • Dan (re: Serena’s no show): “I thought maybe my loft was the only place she knew in Brooklyn.”
  • Juliet to Vanessa: “Jenny’s carrying you on this thing.” Hells yes, she is.
  • Blair to ‘Serena’: “You have bad ideas all the time.” Bah-ha-ha. True.
  • The Pretty Reckless’s “Make Me Wanna Die” playing as Chuck and Blair have their Moment? And Jenny exposes them? Yes x 1,000,000. I love that song, especially the “I would die for you” part in the bridge, and loved the meta layers upon layers it heaped on that scene. (OK, so maybe only like two layers but…)
  • Chuck: “I meant it, Blair. With all my heart.” Swooooon.
  • Serena to Eric: “You’re not enough.” And you wonder why this boy tried to kill himself. Not cool, S. Not cool at all.

Though no one deserves to be drugged and kidnapped, watching the Witches of Bushwick take down Serena, methodically separating her from suitor, friend, family, and purpose, even destroying her own sense of self, was rather cathartic. What the two Js and V say about Serena is kinda totally true: she gets away with everything, she rarely takes responsibility and when she does, there are few or no consequences to her actions. Don’t get me wrong: I actually like Serena a lot, but seeing her in this position was remarkably refreshing. And Juliet took it just far enough that my sympathy, going into “Gaslit,” has swung back over to Serena.

I was also surprisingly on-side with the Chuck and Blair breakup — particularly the rationale Blair has for doing it. I love these two together and seeing them romp around the past two episodes has been genius. But Blair wants to establish herself, find her own empire, and needs to do that before becoming “Chuck’s girlfriend.” Be Blair Waldorf first. Despite some mixing up of the ideas of power and empowerment, I thought this episode had a strong point to make to us ladies at home watching. Plus that near-kiss as Chuck and Blair said goodnight was such a perfect moment. Oh the willpower.

On my watch-list is this developing plot with Serena and her boarding school teacher. Did it strike anyone else as odd when Lily said Serena was never a child? What the frak does that mean? Just because she draws the attention of older men doesn’t mean she was (or is) mature enough for an adult relationship. I’m just hoping that this unfolds so (a) Lily isn’t a terrible parent, (b) Serena isn’t put in any sort of position of supposedly playing the temptress, and (c) Juliet earnestly believes that nothing untoward happened between her brother (who I assume to have been Serena’s teacher) and a teenage girl.

My tardy posts are not a reflection of how much I am enjoying Gossip Girl this season; it’s making me uber happy in a way that it hasn’t since season 2. We’ll see how things go but if the awesome keeps up, I think my favorite seasons will rank 1, 4, 2, 3.


One thought on “Gossip Girl: “The Witches of Bushwick” (ep 409)

  1. agreed! definitely best since season 1! Never felt this way (so much hatred) towards a villian since Georgina’s first arrival.

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