i suck at blogging sometimes

Currently doing worky-work at the empty office and thinking about how I have been an epic fail at blogging lately. I have not yet blogged on the last episode of Gossip Girl — which I enjoyed immensely.

I also have a special post featuring the writing of a fan of Spotted who was kind enough to send me an essay she wrote for class — I’ll post an excerpt when GG goes on its winter break.

I’ve also been reading many excellent books, which I thought I would blog about.

But instead I’ve done none of the above. Sleeping too much, dropping on to the couch and watching telly, and basically being a sloth. (Also: working. So even-steven?) This morning, against my better judgement, I cut off about four inches of my hair because it was driving me crazy and I just couldn’t wait to get a proper haircut. I managed to make it moderately straight. My roommate, father, and sister did not immediately notice that I had chopped my hair so it can’t be that big of a disaster. Sometimes no reaction is the best reaction of all.

Do tea bags expire? I found a dusty box of chai and am now drinking it, listening to Boys for Pele, and . . . really should get back to the work I’m here to do.

Promise to be a better blogger soon, my friends.


2 thoughts on “i suck at blogging sometimes

  1. Yeah my mum says tea bags don’t expire but they lose flavor in time.
    But I think it does expire… once expired, toss it in a dumpster xD

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