errata request & this & that

My post on this past Thursday’s episode of The Vampire DiariesPlan B — is up over at and there’s great discussion in the comments section as per usual! Love you commenters! (Commenters? Commentors? People who write comments?) DZGFAP58328Z

The Lady Gaga “Show Me Your Teeth” song choice for the Masquerade promo is perfect — perhaps the most fittingly awesome song in a CW promo since the Chuck Bass/Womanizer promo a few seasons back. Let’s revel in its glory!

my posts on THREE episodes of Gossip Girl are coming — sorry and thank you for patience, GG fans among my readers!

finally, there may be a second printing of Love You to Death and that means I get to fix typos and errors and erroneous mistakes! I can’t stand it when I’m reading a book in its 11,000th printing and there’s still a very obvious typo in it, so I’m asking you, dear readers: did you come across any problemos in Love You to Death? So far, Vee’s alerted me to a typo in Steven R. McQueen’s bday and Nicole brought up the inaccuracy in my discussion of Dark Shadows in her review. Please comment below or drop me an email if you have any nitpicks. I take criticism well.


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