Gossip Girl: “Double Identity” (ep 402)

Dear Season Four of Gossip Girl,
You are entertaining me. Please don’t stop.

My apologies for posting later on this episode of Gossip Girl than I normally do: I blame spotty internet connections and the glory of Blair’s Oscar de la Renta gown. I have not yet recovered from how insanely perfectly wonderfully gorgeous it is — or more precisely Blair Waldorf is in it. I was at first confused by her startlingly pink purse, until the Harry Winston jewels went on her neck and the pink and red brought the whole thing into singing, glowing, radiant perfection. I sort of cannot believe Leighton Meester is paid to wear these outfits. But really could anyone else pull them off in the effortless way she does? Astounding.

OK. My gown swoon is finished. I think. Yes.

So Chuck Bass is going to try and make his two identities become one — he won’t hide from being Chuck Bass anymore but he’s going to try to be the man “Henry Price” was for those few months. I have to say the scene between Chuck and Blair at the train station was more than visually satisfying to me (but wow, how good did it look? so cinematic). I love that Blair put aside her fairytale romance to help Chuck find the strength to be the man he wants to be, while still maintaining the distance between him that he created when he slept with Jenny. It felt the perfect first step back together for the two of them, on what is likely to be a series long journey. I love it. Chuck and Blair make the best TV viewing with obstacles between them. I’m still not crazy about Chuck’s French girlfriend but I don’t relish the idea of her being destroyed in a future game between Chuck and Blair. Hopefully she can escape unscathed. Oh who am I kidding. This is Gossip Girl.

Loving Juliet. For about half of the episode, I was thinking, Oh maybe this is a new breed of Gossip Girl character who uses her powers of manipulation for good, unselfish life-improving reasons. But then: oh no. She has an agenda beyond do-goodery. I’m digging the budding romance between her and Nate.

  • “Holy Bruce Wayne, Batman!” Any Gossip Girl narration that includes a Batman reference is A-OK by me.
  • Serena’s list of pros and cons was hilarious: Dan is a great shoulder to cry on. Nate has great shoulders.
  • While I loved that Rufus is the only guy who remembers that Georgina Sparks is Georgina Sparks and eventually figures out that Dan is not the baby-daddy, Lily’s crack about him having no medical expertise beyond a Lincoln Hawk song on Chicago Hope made me howl.
  • Serena’s entire reaction to the situation back in NYC was perfect. Dan’s with Vanessa. Nate’s with Juliet. Dan has a baby. Rufus and Lily are uninterested in her. Loved it. It’s an interesting set-up for the rest of her season arc.
  • I would just like to take a moment to recognize the work of Jessica Szohr. Week after week, she is dressed in crazy outfits and week after week, she does her best to act like wearing all of those patterns at once is the most natural thing in the world.

episode title inspired by Double Indemnity (dir. Billy Wilder, 1944): A film noir classic about a wife who plots with an insurance man to knock off her husband. Things don’t go well for any of the involved parties, and that old truism — the truth will out — holds. Secrets aren’t kept secret for long, or without consequence. The film made the AFI’s list of 100 best American films of the 20th century.

Questions as we head into “The Undergraduates”:

  • Can we assume from Juliet dismantling her Bulletin Board of Evil that her target is Serena van der Woodsen and not the rest of the Upper East Side gang? Who was she talking to on the phone at the end of the episode?
  • When will Georgina be returning from her spa weekend? I kid. I do wonder when Rufus and Lily will take that baby off Dan’s hands. Are we really going to be subjected to a season of him prepping bottles and looking exhausted?
  • How do you feel about the re-coupling of Dan and Vanessa? Who cares? They work well together so why not? I’m feeling the latter: I liked their hook-up. It felt honest despite it being totally manipulated.
  • Ready for Columbia, kittens? I’m happy to see Blair and Serena back attending the same school. It worked for seasons 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl so why not 4!?

Next Monday: “The Undergraduates”! Directed by my fabbity-fave Gossip Girl director Mr. Norman Buckley


4 thoughts on “Gossip Girl: “Double Identity” (ep 402)

  1. I loved the scene between Blair and Chuck — you’re right, it was extremely visually appealing. I felt like I was watching a romantic old movie, and I know it was exactly the kind that Blair Waldorf would picture herself living in, so it was perfect. I am so excited for next week’s episode! I love how Blair was able to put everything aside to help Chuck. I hope the French girlfriend doesn’t suffer too much… I’m not a fan of Blair/Chuck obstacles, but I actually think this one is sweet and doesn’t deserve to get hurt. At least not with what we know about her so far.

  2. I really loved the Chuck+Blair scene. I can’t help but say that Gossip Girl lost it’s original Gossip Girl-ness during Season 3. Just notice how DIFFERENT they made the characters and how they made plot twists that weren’t juicy they were just…..bad. And I’m not just saying this because of the Chair breakup. I mean Dan having a baby? Serena and Dan not being together? Vanessa not getting killed off? Come ON writers! Be creative in a good way, not a bad way. Quite frankly the only new character I’m thoroughly interested in is Juliet. I mean, most of Season 3 I loved but some parts made me say “wha?” and not in a good way. This season is not going the way most fans (um, EVERY FAN?) wanted it to go.

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