Gossip Girl: “Belles du Jour” (ep 401)

Bonjour, mes amies! for the return of Gossip Girl, I’ve decided to change up my posts on the episodes. I’ll be doing a loose bloggy version of my episode guide from Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl. In addition to my usual thoughts and queries, I’ll include my favorite line and favorite outfit; do a brief rundown on the film that inspired the episode’s title; point out some of the references the characters make; and raise some questions about what went down and what’s coming up. [** indicates an update to the post]

Gossip Girl is back! A classic Serena and Blair fight and make-up. Beautiful outfits and settings. Georgina craziness. Rufus being a stand-up dad, and Dan following in his footsteps. Vanessa . . . with hilarious one-liners? Chuck Bass a.k.a. Henry Prince a.k.a. a guy who travels like a regular person and needs a job and walks with a cane? Wha?

Seeing Blair and Serena in Paris was as utterly gorgeous as I hoped it would be. Maybe I should find B’s Constance-era jealousy tiresome since we’re in, you know, season 4, but their friendship dynamic never gets old with me. Especially when the bitchy is followed by heartbreaking lines like B’s at the end — “They say it’s a broken heart but I hurt in my whole body.”

So happy to have Katie Cassidy on Gossip Girl and so far, I like her as Nate’s love interest way more than Chuck’s new nursemaid/girlfriend. No, merci. What I did like about the Chuck scene was the montage of moments from the past — his worst moments relived. I’m assuming that that is what haunts him as a nightmare? The concept of Chuck entirely reinventing himself is intriguing. Wonder how long his new identity will last…

  • Best lines of the episode? I’ve gotta go with V’s to Dan.
    “Is it because you’re a hoarder?”
    “Wow, please do not talk about her Georgina.”
  • Juliet is reading Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth when she meets Nate at Norma’s. As we remember from the season 2 school play, The Age of Innocence, Ms. Wharton is a Gossip Girl fave.
  • Blair’s favorite Manet is Le déjenuer sur l’herbe (1862-3), at the Musee d’Orsay.
  • The woman sitting with Serena when Blair returns from talking to her mother, c’est Lou Doillon!
  • **Another cameo appearance spotted by commenter Bella: “Model Karlie Kloss took names at Eleanor’s Fashion’s Night Out luncheon. And she was totally blown off my Georgina.”
  • Lily excuses the dramatic end of the Fashion’s Night Out bruncheon to Meredith Melling-Burke, Vogue‘s market editor.
  • Get Chuck’s signature scarf off that random Rock Band black-book girl!! Ack!
  • You would think that the whole “Marcus poses as an American but is actually a British royal” thing might have made Blair a little more cautious about potential royals and prince & the pauper situations…

episode title inspired by Belle du Jour (dir. Luis Buñuel, 1967): Catherine Deneuve stars in this classic French film about a woman who decides to spice up her life by becoming a prostitute, a belle du jour as she conducts her business during the day while her husband is at work. Like our dear Blair Waldorf has shown in past seasons, Séverine has elaborate sexual fantasies but she can only make them reality with a stranger at the brothel. Séverine’s relationship with one of her most frequent clients develops into a jealous and destructive mess. Empire magazine lists it as #56 of the top 100 films of world cinema for its “Wit. Elegance. Erotica. Subversion.” Qualities we also love in a good episode of Gossip Girl

Choice Look: My favorite look of the episode goes to Ms. Waldorf in the cherry print dress (Moschino Print Cherry Dress, Spring 2010 RTW). We’ve seen her in cherry print before, and this outfit is just so Paris and so Blair. (thanks to GossipGirlFashion.net for the ID.)

Mes Questions:

  • Chuck Bass is the man responsible for paying the mortgage at the Empire Hotel??
  • Anybody speak Russian? What did Georgina say when she picked up the phone?
  • When did Serena apply for Columbia? Last season, Blair thought it was too late for her to apply to transfer into Columbia in “It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad World.” Does S have a later application date ’cause she’s a freshman? Or ’cause she’s a van der Woodsen?
  • What is the deal with signing the birth certificate? Is there some legally binding you-must-take-care-of-this-baby-for-eternity that happens when you sign a birth certificate?
  • So, Juliet is pretending to be wealthier than she actually is? That was the most normal looking kitchen we’ve EVER seen on Gossip Girl . . . it was shockingly plain. Is that serial killer map on Juliet’s wall a suggestion that we may have just met Gossip Girl herself??
  • Is Milo really Dan’s son? Where the heck did Georgina take off to? How many episodes do you think the baby’s going to be around for? Was that Rufus-Lily line about being glad not to have an infant foreshadowing for them taking in the baby?
  • **Why didn’t Chuck’s nursemaid (played by Harry Potter‘s Clémence Poésy) take him to the hospital instead of somehow getting him from the alleyway into her room? Does she, like every other character in the history of Gossip Girl, have a secret past or a self-serving motivation soon to be revealed?

Next week: “Double Identity” (and Blair in that gorgeous red gown from the OMD promo).

What did you think? A return to true Gossip Girl form? A promising start to season 4?

Bisou, bisou . . .


8 thoughts on “Gossip Girl: “Belles du Jour” (ep 401)

  1. Ideas:
    Chuck’s new GF/nursemaid seems sweet but I much prefer Chair! GAH MAKE THIS STUPID ‘cliffhanger we need viewers’ thing STOP. You HAVE viewers, no need to get all WTF (and in a bad way) on us!

    Serena and Blair fights are a show staple. This one was the shortest-lived one on the show EVER. Their annual show-off during Season 1 lasted three episodes. Their season two show-off lasted like, three(?) episodes, and their season 4 show-off lasted at least two episodes. Perhaps there will be another show-off? I mean, it is only the first episode of the season.

    W.T.F! Chuck as a regular guy? A dead (shot) body washing up on the shores of Paris? Chuck not paying the mortgage for a hotel that he literally traded his beloved GF for last season? Since when did GG become C.S.I???

    And the creepiest GG clip ever? Juliet in her kitchen, stealing a jacket and a billboard showing every major thing that has happened and her laptop open to Gossip Girl? This was a Pretty Little Liars moment…it’s sooooo creeeppppy. And she’s either a stalker, a murderer, or Gossip Girl. I’m thinking the first or the last.

    Also, you missed a guest star (one of my favorite guest stars GG has ever had, actually) CH. Model Karlie Kloss took names at Eleanor’s Fashion’s Night Out luncheon. And she was totally blown off my Georgina.

    I doubt that Milo is Dan’s. Even so, that scene with them cuddling (before Georgina left) was tres ADORABLE!


    • thanks, Bella! I’ll add in the Karlie Kloss cameo. I’m guessing, like you say, that we’ll have more Blair-Serena fights in the future — unless it’s a sign of their grown-up-ness that they only fight for half an episode now?

      I think Juliet was “borrowing” rather than stealing the clothes — you buy it, remove the tag, wear it, put the tag back on, and return it. She also had a Rent the Runway bag hanging on her clothing rack (http://www.renttherunway.com/).

  2. This is a “guess I wasn’t paying attention” question – what happened with Rufus/Lily’s dead but alive son?

    The Paris sights and clothes and soundtracks were perfect, the fight was ridiculous, I actually liked the prince twist, the Nate storyline shows promise, that’s so not Dans baby… To me the best part of the show was the last 5 minutes. Hope it improves.

    • Scott left town conveniently after Lily and Rufus got married. He was like, Well, now that I have bored everyone to tears, I think I shall go back to Boston so my adopted parents stop crying over losing me. Not my favorite casting choice, that guy.

  3. Oh, I see. (About the Juliet-stealing-blazer-thing.) What I don’t see is Eva in Chuck’s future. Still fuming that they added yet another girl to interrupt the Chair-storyline. In Season Two he had ‘Elle’ (I still doubt that that was her real name), In Season One he had ‘Amelia’ (sure, she was only present for like…two minutes but still) and in Season Three Chuck didn’t have a girl to distract himself with.

    Then Blair always goes back to Nate (except for Season Three, thank GOD.) Or finds a lame-o guy to be with to either make Chuck jealous or to make a lame attempt at getting over Chuck. First Lord Marcus, then Cameron, then this sweet/charming/handsome Prince who she was totally rude to. I like B, but let’s face it: sometimes she’s not just a ‘funny’ bitch. She’s a ‘bitch’ bitch.


    p.s. Sorry the the overlong comments. I adore GG and get carried away. SO excited for next ep. Eva and Chuck will be explained (and hopefully broken up), the shot/dead body will be explained, Juliet will either leave or be with Nate until he finds something on her or in her house that will lead to a huge secret coming out and she will either leave or wreak havoc, and Serena and Blair will be snippy and then make up unrealistically and then they’ll be BFFs again. My only pet-peeve with the show is character’s make up really quickly. I mean, the Nate/Chuck reunion was the only realistic one the show’s ever had.

  4. I’m not Russian, but I read somewhere that what G says on the phone is “Don’t threaten me” and “I’m working on it”.

    Also I am curious to know if you have plans to publish a follow-up to Spotted (which I enjoyed enormously!) for seasons 3-4 etc…?

    • thanks Celeste! I wonder what Georgina’s big secret is…

      As of right this second, I do not know definitely one way or the other about a follow-up to Spotted. It would be a lot of fun to do one, so fingers crossed!

  5. I think that the guy Georgina thought she was speaking Russian to is the real baby’s daddy. Please do a follow-up to Spotted! That would be amazing.

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