One More Sleep til The Vampire Diaries’ “The Return”

One more sleep. Tomorrow night, we finally pick back up where we left off in “Founder’s Day”: Elena walking down that hallway to investigate that strange noise from the kitchen.

I’m trying very very very hard not to read or see any spoilers whatsoever — I’m not looking at the stills for this episode or for any upcoming ones, I’m not reading preview articles or cast interviews. I just want to go in completely unprepared for whatever they unleash on us. I can not wait — for the chaos of Katherine, for the performances Ms. Nina Dobrev is going to give us as Elena and her evil doppelganger, for the rise of the Lockwood Plotline (and the introduction of a handsome new uncle), for Caroline to say something so hilariously endearing, for Bonnie to light some fires with her mind, for the town square of Mystic Falls to be the backdrop for some major drama. My knitting club is re-convening. I plan to freak the frak out many times. Oh, TVD, I’m so glad you’ve returned.


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