Got a Secret, Can You Keep It: Pretty Little Liars

The LA Times review of Pretty Little Liars called it “Gossip Girl goes Twin Peaks Lite” and after watching the pilot last night, I would have to agree with that headline. I really like both of those shows and — no surprise — liked the PLL pilot too.

I haven’t read the book series it’s based on so I had no idea beyond the basics going in — four teenage girls with a missing friend, presumed dead; secrets, lies, spookiness. I certainly didn’t expect the content to be as mature as it was. I’ll avoid spoilers in case you haven’t watched it yet but these girls’ secrets definitely qualify as gossip bombs.

I loved Lucy Hale on Privileged and she’s just as watchable on this show (though her character is totally different). I was also happy to see Laura Leighton on TV but not on a show called “Melrose Place”; she’s the blonde one’s mom. (Haven’t yet got the names down. Lucy is Aria. That much I know.) The Vampire Diaries‘ Emily Bennett / BtVS‘s Kendra as Maya was another happily familiar face.

Maybe it was the same experience for other avid Vampire Diaries fans, but I found the music cues to be sooooo Mystic Fallsian. Not a big surprise because it’s the same music supervisor, Chris Mollere, working on both shows. And in case you couldn’t place where you’d heard that title song on TV before: the Pierces’ “Secret” was in the season 1 cotillion episode of Gossip Girl (with the band performing in the ep). The lyrics work absolutely perfectly for Pretty Little Liars. It’s as if it were written for the show.

Did you watch? I think I’ll be sticking with it . . . despite my vow to spend less time watching tv and more time in the summery outdoors.

Canadians, watch it here on Much. Americans, watch it here on ABC Family.


3 thoughts on “Got a Secret, Can You Keep It: Pretty Little Liars

  1. I loved the show and if I was interested in doing another podcast I would pick this up. I really love Lucy Hale also so that’s why I was so jazzed about the show. I’ve read the first book and half way through the second one, but it’s a pretty solid series. I’m glad to know that you like it!

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