a post that was ended up being about Lost

it’s the final week before my manuscript is due! it feels like a real book now — has a bit of heft, some things that I was pleased to discover that I hope you will be too — but it sure ain’t done yet. i should probably go outside when I need a break from writing (and re-writing) but usually I flip the TV on to turn my mind off Mystic Falls and onto some other great fictional universe.


Lost. I have a lot of feelings. About the finale (and in general). I don’t think I’ll write them up and post them simply because I can’t re-watch the two-and-a-half hour finale to give it a fair post. But I will say this: I really enjoyed watching the first two hours of the finale. Thought it was really well-made television and it reminded me why I loved those characters and what was great about the early seasons of the show. I think the highlight of season 6 for me was the sideways world scenes between Locke and Jack. And also the moment in the finale in regular-real world where Jack did a flying leap face punch to Not-Locke on the side of the soon-to-crumble cliff. Hells yes. (Also, hilarious.) I was pleased that Kate got to DO something (shoot Not-Locke) after six seasons of never living up to her bad ass potential. But the last half hour of the show — the reveal of what the sideways world was — didn’t work for me. I’m more interested in the island than in the limbo world that appeared in season 6. From a sentimental perspective, it’s so lovely to see every one you loved and lost again, to hug and kiss and spend eternity together in heaven (and I did enjoy watching those reunions, especially Sawyer and Juliet’s). But that kind of happy ending left me with a lot of questions that can be easily (and for me unsatisfying-ly) explained away by spiritual non-answers (e.g., how did the survivors create the limbo world? why did Jack have a son? why did Rose work at a temp agency?? …because it had to be. they needed it to get to the Great Beyond). But — and I think this is the critical ‘but’ that’s dividing fans, rather fittingly, on the ‘love or dislike the finale’ issue — I’m a man of reason and in “the end,” Lost was for men of faith.

For the other side of the equation (the love side) and to read a much more informed and in-depth discussion of the finale (and the series as a whole), head on over to Nikki Stafford’s blog for loads of coverage.

So… I was going to post on the other great TV i’ve been watching this season — Community! Parenthood! Friday Night Lights! — but i am already 4 minutes behind schedule on my writing day. Another time!



2 thoughts on “a post that was ended up being about Lost

  1. I liked your post and agree with your take on the first 2 hours, but disagree with your take on the last half an hour..

    During Christians speech to Jack in the funeral parlor, I got chills. When he said to Jack, “but how did YOU get here?” and he realized that he was dead. for me it made the ENTIRE sideways world make sense.. In the season opener when we see the turbulence and then Rose says “you can let go now.” Jack died at that moment.

    Now with that said, in some cultures/beliefs/religions, you are not able to move on until you’ve realized that you’ve died. Whether that be a nano-second or another lifetime, it takes as long as it takes.

    Christian went on to explain that ‘the time on the island was the most important time of your life..That you and your friends created this place’ I took that as wherever/whenever you were happiest or ‘most important time’ in life is what you get to ‘relive’ once you move on and have realized you’ve died..

    A good friend of mine’s FB status update after the show was something along the lines of ” Never has a TV show, made me feel so spiritually and emotionally fulfilled. If you weren’t satisfied with the ending, then you were looking for answers to the wrong questions.” Which (for me) is not only true for the show, but in life..

    Your friends and family are what make it all worthwhile, everything else is irrelevant..

    • thanks for your comment, Geoff. I didn’t mean to say that the sideways world doesn’t have its own logic — it does. It’s a limbo/purgatory/realize-you-are-dead place. But there were episodes this season with sideways world plots that seem, in retrospect, unnecessary and a little odd for a limbo world.

      As for what are the right and wrong questions to ask in life… You can value and love your friends and family and still search for rational answers. One doesn’t preclude the other. In my belief system which is not religious or spiritual — the important thing is real life, not an afterlife where you get to be reunited with all the people you love the most. Not because I wouldn’t LOVE for that to happen, but because I don’t believe that it does happen.

      I would have liked to see the Losties reunite in sideways world (which could be a sort of parallel universe) and with that hugely important sense of community and friendship help them defeat evil on the island.

      As for when Jack died: he died in the “real world,” on the island, at the end of the finale, in the same spot where he landed on the island. On the plane with Rose in the season premiere, he was in the sideways-limbo world and already dead (since that place is not rooted in linear time). The viewer saw that moment of Jack being dead before we saw him die on the island.

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