writing doo dee doo

I’m on holiday this week! And for me — at least this year and last — holiday means sitting in front of my computer for a very long time writing an episode guide to a CW show! You’d think after writing Spotted last year, I would have invested in a more comfortable chair but alas, I only buy prettily colored pens when I’m at Staples.

As much as the beautiful sunny summery weather beckons me to go outside, I am glad to work on Love You to Death. I think about The Vampire Diaries all day long. I woke up this morning thinking about Isobel and will go to sleep tonight with visions of Salvatore brothers. Not a bad gig.

The other upsides: pajamas all day long, unlimited supply of coffee without going to Starbucks (this can turn into downside when I overdo it), and working with the balcony door open so it’s sorta kinda like I’m near the outdoors.

And when I’m done with the writing part (T minus 11 days…eep), I get to do the photo research. Hard work deciding which photo of Paul Wesley is the handsomest.

My productivity took a little dip yesterday and I need to remind myself that even though it’s a slog sitting at your desk for 12+ hours a day, it’s worth it and it’s interesting and I’m glad as heck I get to do this. The other thing that helps me get back into the work groove: a motivational speech from Coach Taylor. And what do you know — Friday Night Lights is on tonight! Better get everything crossed off my to-do list so I can tune in.



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