Spotted: Last Tango, Then Paris

Um. Where do I begin?

There was so much potential in this episode — remember the first half before shit got crazy? It was tightly written and funny; Blair was on her game and so was Dorota; Dan and Serena had that awesome awkward flirty thing going; even Rufus and Lily had a charming scene. Chuck Bass said New Moon. Blair said, “Bass-hat.” Blair unnecessarily went to Brooklyn and gave Jenny Humphrey a verbal smack-down. Serena wore really kick-ass red heels. Cyrus Rose managed to work his catch-phrase into the delivery room!

But all of that faded right into the distant past when Chuck and Jenny slept together. I understand why this must have looked like a good plot twist on paper but we’ve had little more than a few lecherous glances her way in the past two seasons to warrant this. They were both sad? That’s why they slept together? Bah. Chuck and Jenny sleeping together was super creepy — but I definitely was more tense and involved in that scene where J is in the bedroom and B is ignorantly sitting in the other room. It was awful and awkward but that makes for engrossing TV. I don’t know that I would have had the secret come out so quickly — have Chuck propose and Blair say yes. And only the audience and Jenny (and maybe Eric) know what happened. Jenny leaves, still a mess, and the threat of the secret coming out one day looms over Chuck Bass. Blair wronged again. It could have been like the events leading up to season 1 but reimagined with Chuck and Jenny instead of Nate and Serena. It’s circular! (I may write some fan fiction later….)

To throw Chuck getting shot on top of the Jenny/Chuck craziness? There’s no way he’s dying. Zero percent chance of dead Bass. It’s just feels as desperate as Jenny Humphrey’s been acting all season. Gossip Girl, we love you. We don’t need half-hearted tricks to keep us watching.

Which brings me to the other last-minute surprise. Another pregnancy? Dorota just had her baby. We don’t need another pregnancy plot. It’s either not Dan’s baby, which makes it more frustratingly useless end-of-season misdirection, or it is his baby and we’re going to have to deal with a Dan/Georgina co-parenting plot line in season 4? No. Just no. Is it even a real pregnancy or just some scheme Georgie thought up while she was watching Dan and Serena bond in the maternity wing?

What does make me happy: Serena and Blair summering in Paris. That is perfect. As was Blair’s travel outfit and her excited French anti-Humphrey jokes in the limo. Serena’s necklace? A-mazing.

I would really like to get my hands on that season finale footage and re-edit it. There was a LOT in there that was really good classic Gossip Girl but it was just completely overshadowed by the attention-grabbing crazy plot lines.

Bah. I don’t know. I feel as lost as a drunken Bass in Prague.


7 thoughts on “Spotted: Last Tango, Then Paris

  1. Agreed. Disappointing. And Jenny’s all-is-well-one-week-later farewell scene sort of made me barf. Seriously!? Has everyone forgiven all her crappiness so quickly?

    Although I COVET Blair’s green cape/polka-dotted scarf combo!

    I can’t say that I care enough to tune in next season. Sometimes cute clothes and good hair just aren’t enough.

  2. is there a rule about people being shot in the last episode, per CW? wierd. (don’t judge me i just watched One Tree Hill too).

    besides the clothes and sometimes the music, i’m forgetting why I watched this show. But the promise of the girls in Paris for the first two episodes together next season is so tempting.

  3. I love Gossip Girl and Chuck with every fiber of my being! I can’t believe they had Jenny sleep with Chuck and Chuck get shot. That’s to much to pack in at the end of a season finale. I can understand one or the other. Well, hopefully now Blair will forgive him, he had said he was closing his heart at 7:01 forever. uhhhhhhhhhh! this is all so aggravating. I really think they shouldn’t have had Chenny actually happen. I feel Jenny’s character could still come back but now she is at the point of no return. how could she sleep with Chuck! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

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