Spotted: Ex-Husbands and Wives

Yes! Win! Best episode of Gossip Girl in a long time. I gasped twice in the last minute — are Serena and Dan . . . ?? will Nate and Jenny finally . . . ??

I love watching the gang work together to take down some conniver, especially when Dan’s roped into the fun, and the Blair-Chuck tension just made it all that much more delightful to watch. The couples therapy session at the benefit — genius.

For most of the episode I was swearing at Serena for being so single-minded but my heart broke for her, seeing her alone in the lobby. All she wanted was a dad, she got him, and he turned out to be a trickster.

Jenny also got what she wanted — a life as queen bee on the Upper East Side — and it turned out to be a huge disappointment. J has acted crazy all season but this episode I felt just as badly for her as I did for Serena. No one ever listens to her or commiserates with her; she’s just written off as being angsty all the time. Rufus’s days of being an awesome dad are long gone; now he just punishes her without ever trying to talk to her. Aw, I wish the Humphreys still lived in Brooklyn too.

Mini shout-out to my favorite long-standing Gossip Girl prop: Jenny’s green & black garment bag. Little J’s only true blue friend.

And Blair Waldorf in her gown — stunning. Even after three seasons of glory, I still can’t get over how beautiful the wardrobe is on this show. Or how smokin’ hot Chuck Bass is in a tuxedo.

What will the finale hold? Will Blair show up at the top of the Empire State Building? (I vote: yes.) What the heck kind of trouble in Georgina in? (Hmm, what kind of trouble requires a blonde wig?) Will Nate and Jenny please fool around before she leaves for wherever she’s headed?

Likes? Dislikes? Hopes for the finale?


4 thoughts on “Spotted: Ex-Husbands and Wives

  1. I hate Jenny Humphrey and her confusingly braided hair!!! Looking forward to her takedown immensely. But yea it took a whole season to feel like this about a GG episode.

  2. Yes, excellent episode! And I agree on all fronts. I too was frustrated with Serena for the majority of the episode, but ultimately felt sorry for her. I hope Rufus becomes a good Dad again … Jenny could certainly use a little love and support. Also, I had forgotten about Dan and Serena, and they used to be my favorite. I could do with a little more S. and D. action.

  3. I just watched this episode and while it was certainly more entertaining than Gossip Girl has been in a long time, I just don’t care about the characters as much anymore.

    You know I hate Jenny (and I thought the ringlets were worse than the braids, by the way; she has the worst hair on television) but I was sort of on her side in this episode. The Humphrey family probably would be better off without the van der Woodsens, or at least the van der Woodsen women (they have no loyalty, whatsoever). I still love Eric.

    I’m glad there was no Vanessa!

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