Spotted: It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad World

This week Gossip Girl tackled a tricky question: if you used to do sketchy things — like deal drugs or sleep with your boarding school professors — should you tell your father? the answer, dear readers, is no. You should not. It won’t help anybody anyhow, faith or no faith in your father-daughter relationship. Of course, things are different when you’re a van der Woodsen….

This was not my favorite episode of Gossip Girl of all time, far from it, but let’s put on Serena’s rose-colored glasses — I’ll tell ya what I did like:

  • Blake Lively in turquoise. Crazy pretty.
  • Chuck: “Judge away. Shame turns me on.”
  • That pink bow in Lily’s hair.
  • Eric telling Dr. VDW that he doesn’t need him. You go, Little van der Woodsen.
  • Blair: “Are you third-personing me?”
  • Blair in that blue hat. I have a lot of difficulty with Blair’s hat choices (remember that thing she wore in the Yale episode? blech.) but this worked. And the lavender polka-dot dress underneath — perfection.
  • Vanessa’s giant giant poncho jacket. just joshing. it was awful awful awful.
  • Chuck and Lily. Aw. Those two always get me.
  • That sad uneaten sandwich Rufus made.
  • Drug dealing coming to some good: Jenny has insider info on Dr. VDW effing with Lily’s medicine, and she knows just the Upper East Sider to squeal to.

But other than the above: when the BING product placement is not the most annoying part of a CW show, we have a problem. I was just not feeling this episode. I was ready to delight in the Jenny/Serena battle but … meh. I don’t really care if Rufus cheated on Lily. Or if Vanessa and Dan will write each other sexy letters while she’s in Haiti. I have a case of the Gossip Girl blahs. And winter? I do not want to see snow on the ground in NYC when I’m watching an episode on May 3. Shoot indoors. Or hire people to clear away a tiny area of snow and fake it. Cut Jenny’s hair extension allowance and use that money for set decoration.

My hope: the season finale is as awesome as it’s being hyped to be, we get all excited for season 4, and in September with a fresh start the show gets back into its season 1 & 2 groove. Turn wheel of fortune, turn.

Am I being way harsh? Did you enjoy the episode?


5 thoughts on “Spotted: It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad World

  1. I actually found the episode good. The start of the 3rd season had me a bit skeptical as to whether I were to abandon my favorite tv show or not. But these spring episodes keep getting better. I hope the season finale is good as well.

  2. Not way harsh. Just felt like a build up with no action. Serena was acting like Lil J’s twin sister.. Grow up! Have a feeling J will reveal the truth about daddy V and get banished to boarding school for it.

  3. Finally watched this episode. Ugh, Dan and Vanessa are so annoying. When Dan said, “we’re two artists…” regarding their relationship problems, I wanted to throw something at the TV.

    I, too, was looking forward to a Jenny-Serena battle, but it never really materialized. I can’t stand how whiny Jenny gets when she doesn’t get her way and her arguments are always that someone did something to here that was the same (or not as bad) as what she did to someone else, if that makes any sense. It’s just really hard to feel bad for that conniving little bitch. And that hair…

    Serena is so stupid. Once again she hears a small piece of information, doesn’t confirm it, and decides that reason enough to do something drastic, in this case eff up her mother’s marriage.

    I was glad to see Eric stand up to Dr. VDW, but upset that he warmed up to him later in the episode.

    I liked that Blair convinced Chuck to talk to Lily. Other than that, this episode really didn’t do it for me.

  4. Always the Gossip Girl apologist — I was thinking that this season may be one that works WAY better back-to-back on DVD. No big hiatus, nothing weird about snow on the ground when an episode airs in May.

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