Spotted: Dr. Strangeloved

Love is like head wound. —Dorota

So who knows if this episode was called Dr. Strangeloved or Dr. Estrangeloved — Wikipedia, you better not have led me astray! — but I enjoyed it. Sure, Blair said “fatwa” more times in one hour than I have in my lifetime and Jenny’s hair is getting weirder and worse every week (pictured at left: exhibit A), but there were snappy one-liners, relationship problems EVERYWHERE, references to seasons gone by, and a Baldwin brother. Anyone who sounds exactly like Jack Donaghy is #1 in my books.

Some of my favorite moments:

  • “Nothing like a grunge era love triangle.”
  • Blair telling Dorota it’s easier to sneak up on people when you’re not 8 months pregnant and she’s not standing in front of a full length mirror.
  • Blair’s reaction when the cater waiter told her, “Yea! You’re totally hot.”
  • Another Blair to Dorota line: “I need answers that don’t end in ‘and then I came to America.'”
  • B: “How could you?”
    C: “You’re going to have to be a little more specific. It’s been a busy few days.”
  • The conversation between Dan and Blair at the coffeehouse
  • Chuck still not realizing how dim Nate can be: “After all these years you can’t see through one of my smoke screens?”
  • Blair dressed up as Vanessa.
  • “Oh God, is that an Aaron Rose?” Nope, IKEA. (Columbia guy was cute. I think he’s good rebound potential. Bring him back.)
  • D: “Why do you go from zero to blackmail in 60 seconds?”
    J: “Dan, it was actually a question.”
  • Blair’s speech to Chuck: “I’m going to kiss somebody someday.”
  • Nate kicking red-faced lying Jenny out.
  • B’s lose-her-virginity dress! I love that Marc by Marc Jacobs dress!

I’m not crazy about the reveal that Dr. van der Woodsen is evil already — give him one episode to be the good-hearted, humanitarian cancer doctor before having him suggest he’s drugging Lily into believing she is seriously ill in some crazily misguided scheme to get his family back. Or maybe their fortune. (Or maybe he is after Rufus? mwah ha ha.) Even if Lily’s illness ain’t real, one of those VDWers better tell Eric. That kid, man. Left out of everything.

Am I forgetting anything? Nope! Oh no, wait, Dan and Vanessa. Ha ha. (That was intentional.) I’m happy to see these two break up. I am just glad we didn’t have to read the play Vanessa wrote which was based on Dan’s story. Can you even imagine? Layers of awful.

Next week: “It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad World.” Featuring DADS!

What did y’all think? Was just the threat of a Gossip Girl blast unsatisfying? Did you want Jenny to get at least ONE kiss planted on Nate before she was dismissed? Was Gossip Girl’s narration about surgically removing a boyfriend so lame that it made you . . . require medical attention? (medical puns = hard.)


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