The Vampire Diaries: Under Control

Stefan: I hate to break it to you, Damon, but I actually have it under complete … control.
Damon: You do? Oh. Then you should just carry on making the rest of us vampires look bad.

Not as intense an episode as “Let the Right One In” (thank the gods), “Under Control” felt the set up to the end of season, appropriately centered around the kick-off to the Founders’ Day celebrations, which Aunt Jenna and Elena mentioned will take place over the next month — leading up to the big 150th anniversary of Mystic Falls.

I’d like to tip my glass of blood to Paul Wesley for a stellar performance in this episode — it must’ve been fun to hit some different notes with Stefan. Drunk. Flirty. Creepy. Extra creepy. Violent. And super-duper-freak-me-out-licking-his-fingers creepy. Me and the Knitting Club girls screamed when he appeared in Elena’s room at the end of the episode. And his earlier Edward Cullen–esque catapult across her bedroom was equally tense. Seeing him lick Kelly Donovan’s blood off his fingers was one of the single most disturbing moments in all of The Vampire Diaries. Stefan could make a really excellent serial killer creep. Will he fess up to Elena? I’m guessing not — considering how difficult it was for him just to tell her how hard he was struggling with his cravings for human blood.

And Elena could use Stefan at the moment — Jeremy knows that Elena knows. And that she straight-up lied to his face about how Vicki died. If I were in Elena’s shoes, I would have done the exact same thing. I think she was right to keep it from her little brother, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t permanently damaged their relationship. He won’t trust her. And I’m betting he’s not going to be pro-vampire anymore. Stefan may not be entirely welcome at the Gilbert residence . . . especially not with Uncle John Gilbert lurking about.


  • What happened the last time Stefan drank human blood? Seems like there’s a story there that we don’t know — and neither does Damon. Will it be saved for season 2, or will we find out in the next 4 eps?
  • What does the Gilbert Family Magic Ring protect the wearer from? Besides Damon Salvatore. Was Grayson Gilbert wearing his when he was in the car accident? If so, does that mean a “natural” death is still possible for the wearer, just not from a supernatural attack? Feels like there may be something shady about how John Gilbert got Grayson’s ring?
  • How does John Gilbert know everything? Does he know Katherine? What is his end game?
  • Is John Gilbert Elena’s father? He obviously knew Isobel well enough to give her his Magic Family Ring. Is he the one who directed pregnant Isobel to Dr. Gilbert’s door? Or, as Sarah Deeee postulates, is that what the writers want us to think, but really it ain’t the truth? I really hope he’s not. Imagine — poor Elena with Uncle Jack-ass Gilbert for a dad and a vampire mother.
  • Why doesn’t John want Jenna to sell Dr. Gilbert’s office? Does he know it’s Pearl who wants to buy it?
  • Will Kelly Donovan actually leave town? Is Matt and Tyler’s friendship over?
  • Does Sheriff Forbes have a crush on Damon? Or am I just projecting?

web clip #1 | web clip #2 | ‘3 more eps’ trailer


3 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries: Under Control

  1. I think you raised some interesting questions here…one in particular I would like to explore: Is Uncle John Elena’s father? Very interesting…

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