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the Canadian edition's cover

Over on the very excellent book blog, The Keepin’ It Real Book Club, you can watch me and loads of other people (new videos every day!) recommend a book as part of the Keep Toronto Reading campaign. (I enjoy that i have a giant claw hand coming to get you in the video’s default screencap. Hilarious.) The book I recommend is The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey — which astute Gossip Girl viewers will remember Jenny Humphrey reading earlier this season in Dan de Fleurette. But that’s not why I am recommending it (I do not get my reading list from Little J). I read this book nearly 10 years ago now when it came out in Canada, when Little J really was Little. Watch the video to find out why I love it — well, one minute of why I love it. Jen K, the main mastermind behind the blog, is still accepting submissions if you’re interested in recommending a book! As she so punnily ends the post, “Get spotted giving a 1-minute video! Email me: j.k.knoch[at]”

The web clips for tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries are here and here.

The trailer for Gossip Girl‘s next episode, Dr Strangeloved, below — and remember there’s no new episode on Monday. It’s back on the 26th.


2 thoughts on “calhoun recommends

  1. i’ve been looking for a good book rec, i’ll check it out.

    not loving that we had nate & s together for like 4 episodes before lil J butts her blond head into things. if carter & s were together 3 episodes, whats the longest serena can keep a boyfriend?

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