Spotted: Inglorious Bassterds

Hmmmmmm. Not quite sure what to make of this episode of Gossip Girl.

There was some stuff that just fell flat — like the split-screen ’70s campy spy/action movie effect. Nope, not working. And even Dorota, who I always always love, was given just too much corny stuff to do.

I’m not sure that the whole Jack Bass scheme even makes sense in the end — why is he so hell bent on breaking up his 18-year-old nephew’s relationship? He doesn’t have better things to do? But that Desmond Harrington knows how to play repulsive, and he did it well tonight. I am happy to see conflict between Chuck and Blair, and their confrontation at the end of the episode was great — even if it came from something ludicrous. Blair’s single tear, and that slap, and Chuck remembering word for word what Blair said to him when she first told him she loved him… classic glorious Gossip Girl.

As was Blair in that Matthew Williamson embroidered halter dress. Stunning.

I liked Jenny’s attempt to break up Nate and Serena, and liked even more that it failed. That she’s using her actual trauma-rama life to manipulate Nate, but he’s only there being a stand-up good guy.

Glad Eric van der Woodsen’s back, with his quick wit, his dalliances in Japan, and a new potential beau lined up. And congratulations to Dorota and Vanya. I look forward to your nuptials.

The Dan/Vanessa plot was a little more interesting this week, since they were bickering a bit and it looks like things will pick up when Dan inevitably finds out Vanessa’s applying to Tisch as well. Interesting.

The promo for next week suggests we’ll finally meet Doctor van der Woodsen, and (thank god) we’ll see the return of my one true love, Carter Baizen.

But this week’s episode… I dunno. It didn’t quite work for me. Thoughts on where it went wrong? Or why I’m wrong and this was Gossip Girl gold?


5 thoughts on “Spotted: Inglorious Bassterds

  1. Okay, here are the worst two moments for me in this entire episode:

    – Product placement for Bing search engine. Soooo obvious and painful. Rufus would use Google. Everyone uses Google. Just accept it and try something else Bing.
    – The “silent-on-camera” extras playing waiters in the restaurant scene. If they’d actually sung “Happy Birthday” to Nate, the producers would have had to pay them more. Instead they do awkward rhythmic birthday CLAPPING!!

    Otherwise, ditto on split-screen ridiculousness and the Blair’s gorgeous dress (GOOD product placement!). The whole assassin game was weird. Wouldn’t you want to blend in with the other folks on the street who aren’t all wearing black toques? (Do you think they had to send a big toque shipment from Canada to costume this scene?) But I hate predatory games that make light of MURDER! I’m just like that.

    I don’t know! I might be reaching the end of my GG tether…

    • Ha! Genius observations.

      I cannot tell you how annoyed I was about the bing thing. The CW has already included two really obvious and annoying bing moments on The Vampire Diaries.

      Stop trying to make Bing happen!!

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