Maybe I’m Born With It

Nope! It’s a box of free makeup from Maybelline! A word-of-mouth marketing company contacted me asking if I was interested in receiving a truckload of free eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. Yes, yes, I am interested. So gentle readers, prepare to be Maybelline’d. I received a makeup case full of stuff — more eyeshadow than any human could use in their lifetime but godammit I’m gonna try. All from Maybellline Eye Studio. My mission is to create “looks” and post them. So, um, in the five minutes before I left the house to see Alice in Wonderland I created this “look”:

– Maybelline XXL Pro Curl mascara – blackest black
– EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – charcoal
– Lawless Lavender Color Pearls eye shadow — just the marble half

I need to sort out how to put on the gel eyeliner — it was a bit of a struggle to get a clean line, and to match the thickness from one eye to another. But I think it’s a learning curve I’ll master soon.

I didn’t want a strong shadow with the eyeliner for a day look (…in the dark at the movie theatre) so I didn’t plaster on the eye shadow, but I am keen to! It looks seriously sparkly. The mascara didn’t blow my mind — I would probably used a curler first next time.

And, um, next time I’ll try to smile, and smize, in my modeling photos….


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