Winner! The Dean’s Question

I’ve been meaning to post my favorite answer in the Dean’s Question contest. The winner of a copy of Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl is Erin N., who chose someone I would NEVER have considered as the person from the Gossipverse I’d most like to dine with. For making me think, Hmm, you have a point… she wins!

If I could have dinner with anyone – living or dead – from the Gossip Girl universe, I would have to go with Tripp van der Bilt.  I liked his character in the second season and was thrilled to see him come back for the third season, but unfortunately, he got into some trouble.  I recently went back and re-watched the second season of Gossip Girl, and I picked up on some things that I didn’t think about the first time around.  Tripp didn’t seem extremely happy.  His grandfather seemed to have a lot of control over him and his entire life, even picking out the bridesmaids that his fiancee, Maureen, would have in their wedding.  Although this doesn’t condone his behaviour, I think that Tripp was a lot more damaged in the second season than we saw on the surface.  I would like to have dinner with him to find out why he did those things and how it happened.  I think it would give a lot of insight into Nate and his future, not to mention a whole lot of other Upper East Siders.  Their families control them to no end, and that’s how they will most likely end up.  Look at Lily van der Woodsen, for instance.  I think the show missed some important points on WHY Tripp van der Bilt did the things he did, and I would like to find out why.

New episode of Gossip Girl in T minus 90 minutes!


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