Spotted: The Empire Strikes Jack

Anybody else find Blair’s chapeau extremely distracting? I just stared at her head. Who knows what she was talking about.

I don’t know about you Jenny Haters out there, but second week in a row with a strong Jenny plot and I am digging it. Poor kid still gets drugged and nearly taken away by some skeeze. I found that plot truly scary. Though I could have done without the double-Agnes vision. I am also VERY excited about the Jenny Destroys Nate-and-Serena plot. Weee! Do it.

I love Eleanor Waldorf, and her return in this episode was no disappointment. “Never hide who you are,” she advised her daughter. Very wise words. It also looks like we’re coming to the end of the Blair @ NYU mistake, and thank god for that. The fashion show looked cool with the projected image behind the catwalk, and my roommate informs me that the Mickey Mouse DJ is in fact DeadMaus. The return of Brandice and her prostitute gang was welcome, as Blair says, “Prostitutes are people too. With a lot of disposable income.”

The Chuck plot line left me a little cold but at least it’s moving quickly. Ed Westwick’s acting in this episode was superb. He had that teary-eyed glisten happening, like I really want to cry but goddammit I won’t. (And also the poor boy looked very cold.)

The Dan and Vanessa story felt a little tacked on too — subplot! And again I ask where is Eric van der Woodsen??

The trailer for next week’s episode had me gasping with shock and horror and delight! It looks like this is the episode that inspired the minorly spoilery window at Matthew Williamson.

What were your favorite moments? The Bristol Palin reference? Dorota comparing her baby’s kicking to Lars Ulrich’s drumming?

Next week: “Inglorious Bassterds”


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