Rewatch: Fool Me Once

So I spent Valentine’s Day eve with two pals, Erino and Sarah F, having a lovely supper, making fun of Olympic figure skaters’ costumes, and rewatching “Fool Me Once,” which cleared up a few things and raised a few more questions…

  • SarahF pointed out the very important thing Grams (RIP) says when she and Bonnie attempt to take down the seal to let Stefan and Damon out. Doing that requires a powerful spell and even if they are able to bring it down, there’s no guarantee they’d be able to put it back up again. So that’s why Tomb Vamp was able to sneak out at the end. Seems obvious now, but I missed that on the first watch!
  • Another Grams moment I didn’t point out in the first post: when Anna comes into the tomb and Bonnie tries to stop her, Grams is so willing to let her go straight into the tomb because she knows that Anna, a vampire, won’t be coming back out. (You know, until they let the seal down.)
  • There’s so many moments in this episode that remind me of Buffy: the locater spell, the magicks having a severe effect on the witches performing the spell, the way Bonnie rushed to the grimoire to try to bring Grams back to life, and that mix of supernatural forces and real emotion which just sucks me in.
  • What does Jeremy remember? SarahDeeee asked that in the comments of my first post. We see him hitting Bing (really? not google?) to search “vampires” after his bonk on the head from Ben. He definitely saw Anna’s face turn vampy (and it was the second time; the first was at the Sock Hop). Does Damon’s mind-warp still hold or does Jeremy remember what happened to Vicki? God, I hope he doesn’t.
  • Both GMMR and Angela and Willie on the Bite On This podcast were talking about how the Salvatore brothers became vampires if we see Katherine carted away in “Children of the Damned.” If she’s the one who turned them, how the heck did she do it? In TVD lore, a person has to have vampire blood in them and then die in order to become a vampire. We’ve seen both Damon and Stefan having sexy biting times with Katherine (but not actually drinking her blood?). I think it’s safe to assume that when she was taken, both brothers had some vamp blood coursing through their veins. In the books, the brothers become vampires [in case you don’t like spoilers, it’s in white so highlight to read] after Katherine kills herself and the brothers kill each other.  They have her blood in their system and become vampires. Julie Plec tweeted to @CW_VampDiaries that we’d be seeing this part of the story in the “next and final flashback of the season.” You know what that means! More awesome 1864-Damon hair!
  • One thing I was thinking about during the scene where Caroline apologizes for being lame and grabbing Matt’s hand in front of Damon and Elena: how much does Caroline know about the supernatural mojo in Mystic Falls? Nothing, right? She doesn’t know that Bonnie’s a witch or that Damon and Stefan are vamps or that any of these things exist in the real world. She has her lesbian friendship vervain necklace but no idea of its protective powers. Anybody feel a bit badly for her? Reminds me of that conversation Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline had in “History Repeating,” where Caroline felt out of the loop in the girls’ friendship. That’s still the case.
  • Stefan. I never give this Salvatore brother his due. My favorite Stefan moments from this episode: his rescue of Bonnie & Elena and the totally Stefan-way he handled Ben — gave him a second chance while making sure he knew he meant business (and then burning that effer when he threatened Jer); how quickly he went into the tomb to get his brother out; how he didn’t hesitate to go after Elena when he heard her screaming even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to get back out of the tomb; and his two moments of sweetness to his brother — standing by silently as Elena hugged Damon and sitting beside him by the fire, just letting Damon mourn Katherine.

That’s what I’m thinking about! Yesterday was another stop on the Hot Topic cast tour, and there are a few videos up at, including one super charming one of Ian Somerhalder doing his Damon dance. Be warned though — it can turn into a giant time suck. After watching it, I spent a good half hour investigating his relationship status. You know, just in case.


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