the following events take place between 9 a.m. & 10 a.m.

Morning, my pals! my roommate Adam is watching 24 and Mr. Callum Keith Rennie is in this episode. So is Katee Sackoff. Battlestar Galactica party! In case you were wondering, I am still upset with that show for its finale, but the annoyance is lessening and the nostalgia for that mostly genius show is growing.

Zip sent me Step Up, the 2006 dance flick starring Channing Tatun and Jenna Dewan (who, Wikipedia informs me, have since married). I had seen Step Up 2: The Streets; the talking parts were intolerable, the dancing parts pretty good! Step Up is all good: totally predictable (to the point where I said, “Within five minutes, this will happen,” and then it did — in four) and pretty heavy-handed with all the talk about getting a second chance (it’s even on the movie poster, i see!). But it’s full, full, full of dancing and both leads are charming. Enough that I am now considering seeing Dear John to see more Channing Tatum with the always watchable Amanda Seyfried. Let’s be honest, it will be better (i.e., cheesy in a good way) than Valentine’s Day and it’s hard not to see ONE of the super cheese romance movies. And I want to see Tatum in Fighting even more than I already did — that’s the one that’s like Step Up but with street fighting swapped in for dancing. Win!

Whilst the Olympics are on, I’m thinking of rewatching this season’s Gossip Girl episodes so far. It’s been so long I hardly remember what’s going on. Serena is with Carter Tripp Nate?

New promo for The Vampire Diaries!


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