Vampire Diaries: Fool Me Once

How heartbreaking was that? I really did not see that coming — of all the possibilities I was mulling over with them opening the tomb, it didn’t once occur to me that Katherine wasn’t in it. And that she wasn’t in it because she was alive and well vamping it up, not giving a damn about the Salvatore Brothers. Think of how long those two boys hated each other. And how driven Damon has been to get his true love back. Oh, heart crushing. And now the title of the episode feels like it’s all about Damon being fooled by Katherine, not by his brother.

So many glorious Elena-Damon moments throughout this episode, but of course the hug did me in. Watch out, Stefan. There is a serious growing “understanding” between those two.

Do Stefan and Elena know that Katherine is alive? And last seen in Chicago circa 1983? (Oh man, the flashbacks to that would be hilarious.) Will Damon go hunting for her to get revenge? Will he stay in Mystic Falls now that he has no excuse to? Will his affections continue to grow for the way-more-worthy Elena? Ah! I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Some of my favourite moments & so on:

  • Stefan: “What if your blood hasn’t passed out of her system yet?” Damon: “Well, at least you know you’ll see her again.”
  • Was it just me or did Stefan sound a little hoarse?
  • Matt! I missed you. Tyler! I didn’t miss you and your jerk-ass ways.
  • I adore Matt and Caroline together.
  • “Spirits talk, Mr. Salvatore, and so does my granddaughter.” Bam! Grams FTW.
  • What I like about this show (ok, one of the things I like about this show) is how the humans always fight hard and smart. Bonnie and Elena may not have escaped from Ben, but that water-turns-to-fire trick was a good freaking attempt.
  • Jeremy to Anna: “You’re also kind of strange and lurky. But I like that too.” Aw. I wonder if we’ll have another human-vampire romance soon.
  • Was Anna wearing her belt OVER her jacket? Interesting…
  • Damon Swoon Hour: “I didn’t compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun. I wanted it to be real.” ::stutter::
  • Damon: “Brother. Witches.”
  • That tomb was SOOO creepy and scary and awful and OMG.
  • Did not see that coming: the witches’ trick to let the vamps in but not out. Protect your own first.

Bonnie and Grams. So, so sad. That scene was intensely performed by Kat Graham. What’s Bonnie going to do without her? How awful will she feel knowing that it was the spell she urged her to do that ended up killing her. Did the spell break when Grams died? How was that vamp getting out? Or was he just, you know, hanging at the tomb door unable to cross the threshold?

I need to re-watch this episode right away because good lord I am in love with Damon Salvatore. And we’re not going to get new TVD until March 25 when it returns and goes straight through, no repeats, til the finale.  Any favourite parts of yours that I missed?


3 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries: Fool Me Once

  1. Such a good episode! I can’t believe how much I love this show.

    As much as I loved the Damon-Elena hug (and what was Stefan thinking as he watched that? Do you think he knows D & E’s connection is growing, or do you think he was just realizing that there must be a reason Elena is showing Damon such compassion?), I preferred the earlier moment when he put her necklace back on her. It’s a really intimate thing to do under normal circumstances, but the fact that he wanted her to always have that protection made it that much more touching.

    What does Jeremy remember that prompted him to look up vampires?

    RIP Grams. Who will Bonnie turn to for witchy advice now?

    I still love Matt and Caroline, though I was kind of pissed at him for telling Tyler he thought C might be clingy. But all’s well that ends well, I suppose.

    How will we ever make it to March 25? I guess we can start working on our show.

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