Gossip Girl Scoop from the Showrunners

I LOVE these Gossip Girl Tweet Festivals with Josh Schwartz. Braving the NYC blizzard, he and Stephanie Savage (aka “SS”) provided a much-needed UES fix for us patient, patient Gossip Girl fans.

Starting with Chuck and Blair:

  • SS: “They are in stories together every episode for the rest of the season.” It’s the most emotional stories they have done.
  • N and J will be sharing a lot of time… and a whole more, if J has anything to say about it.
  • For the record we don’t let spoilers leak bc they upset fans. We think there’s a mole. We r doing Blair Waldorf scheme to find who
  • Carter Baizen and Georgina Sparks are coming back. But Damian is GG’s newest pot stirrer… pot being the least of his offenses..
  • SS: “The return of Dr VDW will have Team Humphrey vs Team VDW.” Also, Eric gets a new boyfriend. Cyrus Rose returns. And so does Agnes
  • From SS: “Blair goes from victim to vixen.” Also, Chuck will get a huge storyline. Super emotional. Ed’s best work to date!
  • Nate and Serena in the closet, on the kitchen floor… 9 1/2 Weeks in 9 1/2 seconds. D/V learn they’re better as 2some than 3some
  • From SS: “Gossip Girl (the site) will be dropping some of her biggest gossip bombs to date. She’s back in a big way.” Less NYU, more UES
  • Thanks guys! Next 10 eps bringing the heat and headbands. All your fave couples (ALL…) getting lotsa screen time. Big finale. XOXO

I am seriously excited that Cyrus Rose will be back. there has been (yes) NOT ENOUGH of him. I know there are tons of Jenny haters out there (ahem, SarahDeeee) but I think her new villainous streak will be brilliant for the show now that Chuck and Blair are the goody-two-shoes their season 1 selves would have mocked. Not too much in here that we spoiler-readers didn’t already know, but I am just so pleased about the general tone of their updates. They know what wasn’t working in the first half of the season. And I think/hope/pray we’re going to get a killer second half to season 3. Can.not.wait.


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