Vampire Diaries: Children of the Damned

Um. I love this show. I could’ve done with some Matt-Caroline action this episode but otherwise — so happy.

  • Love how Katherine said the “other animals” will take care of the bodies like she knows she’s one of the animals and loves it.
  • Genius line: “If i see something i haven’t seen before i’ll throw a dollar at it.” I also love the “menage a threesome team thing,” Damon.
  • Honoria Fell! I’m on book 3 of the Vampire Diaries series and they are awesome. Love the pieces that are picked up in the show.
  • Theory: Anna’s mother Pearl is SO in the tomb.
  • Master slayage weaponry on Alaric!
  • Fact: Damon looks hot in 1864 and 2010.
  • Fact: Nina Dobrev can rock the 1864 look or the 2010 look. She is genius.
  • How could you not answer truthfully to Damon, whether or not he compels you? Those eyes. (Sorry this is turning into a fan girl swoon festival.)
  • “Hot trumps weird. Trust me.”
  • “Thanks to Emily”: witchcraft is behind Katherine and Pearl’s ability to walk in daylight.
  • Prejudice lesson on The Vampire Diaries: can we judge vampires as all evil, all the same? No, my friends, we cannot.
  • “Damn, you’re strong for a little thing.”
  • Stefan’s betrayal! I don’t know that I would run for the sheriff if my dad was keen on killing my lover.
  • Ah! Logan got all “poser slayer” — totally, Anna!
  • Nicely played, Bonnie, but he’s not that dumb. Scary!
  • There is some disagreement amongst the Knitting Clubbers: Damon just wants to trust his brother and Stefan is being a jerk, or is Stefan right to not trust Damon? Damon crushes people’s hearts with his hands, sure, but all he wants is his true love back, right? Either way, that expression of infinite sadness Stefan made pulling open his father’s grave broke my heart.
  • “The only one I can count on is me. You made sure of that many years ago, Stefan. But you, you had me fooled.” Heart = broken.
  • I do not like vampire muzzles. They upset me. When did I develop so much empathy for random vampires??
  • Such a cliffhanger.

I adore this show. Ahhhh. Cannot wait to rewatch.


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