Lost ft. Boomon

Was it just me or was Ian Somerhalder’s Boone WAY more Damon Salvatore-esque on last night’s Lost episode? Maybe I was just jazzed to get a double dose of Damon in one week. I dub the season 6 version of Boone “Boo-mon.” (That is also what a Jamaican ghost says.) I fear that — based on Ian Somerhalder’s interview with Regis & Kelly — his scenes with Locke on the plane are the only ones we’ll be getting. Unless there’s more he hasn’t yet filmed. . . .

Nikki Stafford, author of the fabulous Finding Lost series, is blogging up a storm over on Nik at Nite; her post on “LA X” is here.

My rudimentary thoughts on the episode:

  • For a show so popular and with a presumably large-enough budget, why can’t Lost figure out how to get some good CGI?? The underwater reveal of the island was terrible, just like all the other special effects like this in the history of Lost.
  • I used to be on the other team, but now I hope Jack and Kate get together — or at the very least Sawyer and Kate don’t. Sawyer/James was pretty torn up about Juliet and I’d like that to be honoured, please and thanks Darlton!
  • Is Sayid a good reanimated corpse or a bad reanimated corpse? Can Jacob, now that he’s dead, take over Sayid’s body? Or is he being inhabited by the Man in Black? (Who, btw, needs a name stat because my roommate keeps singing “here comes the man in black…galaxy defenders” every time he appears.) Or is he just Sayid-Sayid, all Christ-like returned from the dead?
  • How many more secret groups of people are there on that there island?
  • So if the Man in Black is the Smoke Monster (and it’s not just his servant-killer), then that suggests he was testing all the Losties that he killed looking for the right vessel to enact his plan. He tested & killed Eko; he didn’t kill Locke. Did he always know Ben would be his murder weapon, so to speak? And he just needed the right body to use to convince him? HMMM. I do not know.
  • Are there now two realities co-existing and when Juliet said “it worked” she somehow knew of other universe’s existence? It’s a little bit Fringe-y, having the two neighbour universes. Maybe characters can jump between!
  • Though the Roommate and I agreed that we are not emotionally attached to any of the Lost characters (weird, eh?), I found the scene between Jack and Locke at the Oceanic missing cargo counter particularly touching. Definitely my favorite scene in the episode.

And tomorrow we get the real Damon on a flashback-heavy episode of The Vampire Diaries. Win!


3 thoughts on “Lost ft. Boomon

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m waving the Sawyer/Kate flag over here. Juliet was just a distraction who always showed a lot of cleavage. (Oh my god. I’m talking about boobs on your blog again! What’s wrong with me?)

  2. I don’t even LIKE Juliet. She always makes those annoying I-told-you-so faces. But I also have serious problems with Kate. So I’d rather Sawyer have loved and lost than spend eternity in a crap relationship with Kate! (I am so mean.)

  3. Mean, but fair.

    I concur with the little Jack n’ Locke scene though… I sure hope Alt.Locke gets his legs back courtesy of JackAlternate.

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