Crazy Heart

crazy heartAfter watching Crazy Heart last night, I’m in love with Bad Blake and Jeff Bridges. Bridges is Bad Blake, a broke alcoholic country singer on a crappy road tour through New Mexico, Texas, who meets reporter Julie (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and takes a shine to her. I really loved this movie: the music, the beautiful shots of the country, the performances, the songs, and the Bad Blake wardrobe. (I used to have the perfect jean shirt, not unlike Bad’s, but it got left behind and worn out. And now it’s lost forever. There’s a country song in that, I betcha.)

Jeff Bridges has always been awesome. He’s The Dude. There’s just something about his voice, his face, his manner, and that hair that compels you to love him. He hit the perfect mix of lovable and repulsive necessary for Bad Blake. After the movie, both Erino and I were talking about how much we thought about what Bad must’ve smelled like — smoking all the time, drinking, sweating, driving long distances peeing in a bottle. Rank, rank, rank. And we loved him.

Two thumbs up, you guys!


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