Unpleasantville Recap of Recaps!

Looking for more Vampire Diaries coverage? Give Me My Remote’s recap is up.

Lindy hop your way over here my friend. How fun was it to see Stefan loosen up a bit? He looked like he was actually having fun with his girlfriend. Keep shining. Keep smiling, Stefan. I like it.

And/or head to Zap2It’s post: “Twists and turns, while a history teacher yearns.” And TWOP’s recaplet is up, and has my favorite line from last night as its title: “Your Diabolical Plan: The Sequel.”

**Mandi Bierly’s recap is up on Popwatch. She is hilarious and has great points about the Buffyness of the episode & its genius moments.

Preview for next week! “Children of the Damned” (thanks Vampire-Diaries.net!)

And on a sidebar note: Malese Jow who plays Anna — can poor Jeremy never find a girl who’s right for him?? — once played Miranda Cosgrove’s look-alike on iCarly. (These are the fun facts you learn working on the ECW Crew!) And if Malese ever needs a look-alike to play her, I nominate my former housemate, actor Michelle Adams. (Who I happened to run into on the streetcar on the way to watch TVD last night!)


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