TVD: Unpleasantville

So here I am at knitting club. Not knitting, drinking wine. Kind of a lot of it? (Little bit tipsy.) And watching The Vampire Diaries. An awesome episode. here’s a pseudo live-blog.

The cast of Knitting Club characters: Sarah (Team Stefan), Amie (Team Damon), Erin (Team I’m Not Really Watching), and Charlie (Team I Am in Another Room). Plus me.

Sarah: Are you writing a blog? I better think of some witty things to say.
Crissy: Evil pizza guy??

[During the super cute Caroline & Elena scene, where E gives C the “lesbian” necklace, there was a debate over whether or not that was still Candice playing Caroline.]
Sarah: She looks a little different.
Charlie: I think it’s a different actress.
Sarah: Her eyebrows, her forehead?
Charlie: It’s a different actress. Isn’t she?
Amie: You don’t even watch this show.

Another new character! Hot bartender guy. Good or evil?? Uh oh. Elena’s mysterious caller… Totally like Scream. A creeper in the hoodie.

Stefan and Elena kiss!
Sarah: “Yay!!”

Back to Caroline:
Sarah: Maybe her bangs have changed. Bad eyebrows?
Crissy: I think i might be in love with Matt.

Erin: I like Elena’s Harry Potter scar.

So Elena’s mother’s name is Isabelle. Hope her last name isn’t SWAN.
Love the Stefan line to Damon: “…your diabolical plan. the sequel.” He does funny so well, but so rarely.
Uh-oh. uh-oh: mysterio vamp lurking at Elena’s.

The knitting club transcript:
Sarah: oh no oh no. Can she hear it? (the compass)
Sarah: Son of a bitch!
Amie: what does this fucker want?
[during commercial break]
Amie: I’m so glad Stefan arrived in time.
Sarah: Me too.

I like Caroline’s dance outfit the most. That sweater is genius. So who is the mystery vamp? Not a loose one from the tomb. Not someone who thinks she’s Katherine. (Because why would he try to drink the blood of a vampire?)

On the charms of Damon:
Sarah: He does the eye thing, you know.
Amie: He’s got that smirk.

Loved this line: “Tonight was so much better on paper.” — Caroline. Did not love the Awkward Island moment following her “washed-up jock” moment.
Amie: See. Words hurt.

Sarah: I want to see Stefan dance. [Elena asks Stefan to show her some moves.] Come on, let’s go. [they start dancing] Ooooooooh wooo!! [dance over] Genuinely, that made me happy.

What! Double vamps! Evil stalker-hoodie-vampire-dude Noah and evil Anna!

Oh no, a decoy! Regular teenage boy in a hoodie! Elena does her best slayer imitation, pretty good for a human! Total Buffy flashbacks being in a high school and using found wood objects for stakes. Love it.

Is Alaric’s wife Elena’s mother?? A little Life Unexpected teen mom moment here? I love the Anna character a lot more now that she’s an evil vamp.

OK! Knitting Club wrapping up. We cannot wait for next week. Want more TVD.



3 thoughts on “TVD: Unpleasantville

  1. So I’m watching the episode again on Much right now. I love this show so much!

    Stefan and Damon are so great when they join forces. I think they should try out for The Amazing Race, as Damon suggested earlier in the season.

    I’m not sure how much I like the new vampires, especially Ben the bartender, but we’ll see. It took me about halfway through my first viewing to figure out that the actor playing Noah was Erica’s hot boyfriend on Being Erica and — my favourite — the ballet barre on MVP.

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