Having Josh Schwartz on Twitter is genius. Tonight he was answering questions about Gossip Girl.

The Wrap Up!

  1. Georgina Sparks returns this season!
  2. Stephanie Savage will write the season 3 finale!
  3. Nate and Serena are going to do their “own version of 9 1/2 weeks.” What! Who will be crawling on the floor and who will be eating cherries in their bathrobe?
  4. There’s more sexy time with Chuck and Blair coming up “but do they go too far???”
  5. The official return date of Gossip Girl is March 8, and there will be 10 episodes, no breaks.
  6. “J def will try to get N from S. Little J grows up when GG returns.”
  7. Upcoming episode titles: “Inglorious Bassterds”; “The 16 Year Old Virgin” (please don’t let little J do it with that skeezy drug guy)
  8. And to wrap up: “Expect a lot more Chuck Bass, a lot more UES, lot less NYU and wedding bells. S Savage says hi!”

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